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Human skulls pile found during excavation in Mexico, claimed to be 500 years old

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A huge pile of human skulls has been found during excavations in the Mexican capital, New Mexico. The skull is said to date back to the 500-year-old Aztec empire. According to the researchers, these people were sacrificed to build a huge tower in the Aztec Empire. Much attention is being paid to this research in the world. Many well-known archaeologists from around the world are roaming Mexico to see it. The tower was discovered during an excavation project in Mexico City.

So far archaeologists have unearthed the remains of 119 victims of human sacrifice. The National Institute of Anthropology and History has revealed that the tower was found in the old capital of the Aztec Empire. The remains of those found in the tower include children, men and women. According to archaeologist Raoul Barra, “We cannot say how many warriors there were, perhaps some were taken captive for the war.” Those people were killed as gifts from the gods.

This barrel-like structure has been found near Tempo Mayor, Mexico City’s most famous museum and temple of the erstwhile empire. The city of present-day Mexico is believed to have been the capital of the Aztec Empire in ancient times. At that time the city was known as Tenochtitelan. A large number of ancient human remains have already been found near this skull tower.

Archaeologists have already found many towers which were built between 1486 and 1502. According to historians, when the Spanish king Hernán Cortés invaded the city in 1521, he built many buildings. The bodies of imprisoned soldiers were buried in this building. It is likely that these are the remnants of the same warriors and prisoners of war found in the tower as human skulls. Its diameter is about 5 meters.

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