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Amazon and Google fined 13 million in France for violating this rule

by News Monks

France’s data privacy monitoring unit CNIL has imposed a fine of 100 million euros on Google and 3.5 million euros on amazon, about Rs 314. Both have been fined for violating the country’s advertising cookie rules. The National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) said in a statement that the French websites of the two companies had not obtained prior permission from Internet users to study trackers and cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies and trackers were manually moved to the person’s computer, while as a rule they had to be accepted by users.

The agency said in a statement that Google and amazon also failed to tell users how they would use cookies for the job and how users could refuse. “People who use Google respect our privacy,” Google said in a statement. We are always at the forefront of advance information, clear control, strong international data governance, secure infrastructure and usable manufacturers.

Today’s order does not take into account the fact that the laws of France are uncertain and constantly evolving. We are in constant contact with CNIL. On the other hand, Amazon says it does not agree with CNIL’s decision. Protecting the privacy of its customers has always been a priority for Amazon. We continuously work to the best of our ability and follow the laws of the country in which we operate.

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