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This will be the country’s first Corona vaccination center, see photos inside :

by News Monks

The first vaccination center in the country’s capital has been set up in the Srinivaspuri area of ​​South Delhi. The vaccination site has been set up at the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s maternity home as per the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health. Let me tell you that more than 1000 vaccination sites are being set up all over Delhi.

Vaccination at the vaccination site will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beneficiaries means that people who will be vaccinated or whose names are on the list made public by the government will be called to the vaccination site at different times so that there is no congestion. It is mandatory for everyone to take their ID card to the vaccination site for the vaccine.

The vaccination site has three rooms, one waiting room area, another vaccination room area and a third observation room area. A team of 5 trained members will be present at a vaccination site. There will be one vaccinating officer જે a doctor, a nurse, or a pharmacist, in addition to a police vaccination officer, another vaccination officer who will check your ID card, and two other vaccination officers to assist the rest of the staff and the crowd.

Vaccinators in the waiting area will have to go through a pre-registration and registration process. An officer with a separate desk will be appointed to get the registration and ID at the vaccination site. A vaccination room has been set up behind the registration desk, where the vaccinating officer will administer the vaccine. A deep freezer for vaccine storage is also provided in this room.

After vaccination you have to go to the observation room built in the site. Observation room i.e. the beneficiary has to wait for 30 minutes after vaccination. The room is also equipped with water and toilet facilities. An ambulance is also provided for anyone in trouble.

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