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Post and pre-skincare and hair care tips you need this Holi

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India, March 2020: The festival of colours is almost upon us and amidst all the cheerfulness, it is important to take care of our skin and hair. The dry gulal and buckets of water coupled with long hours of festivities and exposure to the sun, can be potentially harmful leaving your hair feeling rough and skin dry and dehydrated.To ensure your skin and hair stays safe as you play Holi, Amazon Beauty is here with a step-by-steppre- and post-Holi skin and hair care guide.

Pre Holi-Tips

Apply enough sunscreen before going outdoors

Before stepping out, ensure you apply a generous amount of sunscreen that offers SPF 25+ or above toprotect your skin against the harsh colours and rays of the sun. Massage it well into your face, neck, arms, and any other area of your body that will be exposed to colour. Basis your skin type, you can opt for a matte or gel-based sunscreen.You can find more such options here.

Don’t forget the magic potion- Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil will act as a barrier and prevent harmful colours from penetrating into your skin while also making it easier to take them off. It will hydrateyour skin and subsequently absorb less colour. Don’t forget to apply an adequate amount of oil to your hair as well to protect them. You can also apply a combination of coconut oil and castor oil to keep your skin moisturized. You can find more such options here.

Lip Balm is key

The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and so itneeds some extra care prior to Holi. Gently rubbing a lip balm into your lips will not only help you get rid of the colours, but it will also act as a protective barrier and keep them nourished.You can find more such options here.

TLC for your hands

Pampering your hands with a good skincare product is essential, since they are the most exposed to Holi colours. Apply enough amount of hand cream to keep them getting stained with the colours. Don’t forget your nails, keep them trimmed and avoid getting acrylic or gel nails done before Holi. You can find more hand cream options here.

Post Holi Tips

Cleanse always!

To remove the colour, splash your face with cold water and usea mild cleanser to get rid of all the colour on your face. A mild cleanseris chemical free andwill be gentle on your skin, while also leaving it well hydrated. You can find more options here.

Shampoo and conditioner for the tresses

Just like your hands and face, your hair is also the most exposed to Holi colours. While the colour can cause some damage to your hair, the best way to prevent it fromworsening is by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. While the shampoo will help get rid of all impurities, the conditioner will nourish your strands.You can find more shampoo and conditioner options here.

Hair mask for extra care

Apply a generous coat of hair mask for a deep conditioning treatment. Make sure you use it at least a couple of days post Holi to reverse the damage caused by Holi colours. You can find more options here.

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