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Hemophilia Management Summit – West Region 2021

by News Monks

As part of its awareness initiative, the Hemophilia Federation (India) has organized a west region online summit, powered by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The summit is a step to connect and reach out to the larger community involving, people with hemophilia, physicians, doctors and policy makers.

The western region Hemophilia Management Summit was opened with, Mr. Mukesh Garodia, President, HFI, welcoming everyone and giving a backgrounder of the current state of hemophilia in this part of the country.

Mr. Garodia, said, “These summits very accurately present the communities need and encourage perspectives which helps in generating innovative ideas and open new opportunities. HFI’s goal is establishment of comprehensive hemophilia care center in every state and the most important aspects of hemophilia management are prophylaxis and home therapy for all hemophiliacs. This is our vision to achieve by 2025.”

The web summit concentrated on inhibitor management. Inhibitor is one of the most important complication in management of hemophilia. Over the years the contribution from the state governments has increased in procurement of Factors.

Product Procurement at State Level was one of the most important panel discussion moderated by Dr. Chandrakala (KEM Hospital) and Dr. Vijay B Shah, Government Medical College, Surat; Dr. Mahendra Kendre, National Health Mission, Maharashtra; Mr. R.K Nigam, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal; and Dr. Varsha Munj, Asilo Hospital Mapusa, Goa on the panel.

According to a global survey, there are an approx. 20,000 hemophilia patients in India, amongst them as per the available data there are only 4% inhibitors in this, but we suspect it is more than that. The west zone is 2nd largest when it comes to inhibitor positivity with 13.8% and the south zone ranked highest with 19.35% and north stands on the 3rd spot with 10.85% inhibitor positivity.

Multiple knowledge sessions were carried out during the summit, like, Monitoring of Inhibitor in routine practice by Dr. Shrimati Shetty; Management of patients with inhibitor by Dr. Joseph John; and Management of Rare Bleeding Disorder by Dr. Sanjeevan Sharma.

On the closing of the summit, Ms. Nilovna Ghosh, from Takeda shared, “We have a long standing partnership with HFI that we greatly value at Takeda, as we pay a lot of impetus on collaborative initiatives that we have ongoing and upcoming. We are a highly patient centric global company, and in the space of Hemophilia we have been working on bringing innovation.”

The next summits are to be held on 20th east region and 27th March 2021, south region. To follow the upcoming summits, please follow the HFI on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011851031233

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