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Corona vaccine for young children in the country will be ready by October: Serum

by News Monks

PC Nambiar, Group EXIM Director, Serum Institute, said that the corona vaccine for infants and newborns in the country would be ready by October this year and would be given to infants in October. Newborns can also be vaccinated shortly after birth. Nambiar said the production of Kovishield will be 500 million doses per month from April. It currently produces 100 million doses per month. Whether to sell it commercially will be decided as per government orders.

Corona vaccine delivery is the fastest growing in India. By 5 pm on the 20th, 2,09,16 people have been vaccinated against corona. 11.60 lakh people have been vaccinated in the last two days. As many as 303,150 people were vaccinated by Saturday evening. In which 31 people had side effects of the vaccine.

In the last three hours, 18,08 new cases were reported in the country while 18 deaths were reported, bringing the total death toll to 1,6,8. The number of active cases dropped to 1,7,8. The total number of infected people in the country has increased to 1,09,8,18. Out of which 1,06,8,17 people have recovered. As a result, the recovery rate has risen to 7.5 per cent.

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