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Why is #SorryJungIn trending in South Korea ? What did BTS singer Jimin do to spread more awareness ?

by News Monks

SorryJungIn is really trending in South Korea and people from world are now participating in this. If you don’t know what’s this topic than here is the full information of this.

JungIn was a 16 month old girl who died last year because of her parents abusement. She died in an emergency room and parents claimed that it was just a accident but doctors get to see bruises and scars on child’s body. After that their parents were arrested. But this topic become more suspicious after it again came on SBS Tv programm on Jan 2. It was again discussed there. The child’s mother was a step mother and they have adopted the child and they have really harmed their child. Due to this the Koreans living there again petition a case against their parents. The #Sorry JungIn expresses the feeling of being sorry to the child whom the society couldn’t save.

Many celebrity are spreading this message to spread awareness. As a result of which Jimin the BTS singer showing his kindness also posted #SorryJungIn on weverse.

Now Armys all over world are spreading this to give justice to child.

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