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The latest season of COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss’ is all about Dil, Dimaag aur Dumm

The latest season of COLORS' 'Bigg Boss' is all about Dil, Dimaag aur Dumm

by NewsMonks

After creating a glorious legacy of entertainment and garnering an unrivalled fandom for 16 years, India’s most loved reality show, COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss’ is all set to hit your television screens soon! Its latest edition releases a power-packed first look of the show announcing its new game-changing mantras – Dil, Dimaag aur Dumm. The game is set to take an even more exhilarating turn than last year, with an interesting twist of ‘Iss baar game nahin hoga sabke liye same to same’ expect the season to be different from all the previous seasons.

Commenting on the theme of the season, host Salman Khan says, “This year, Bigg Boss is all about Dil Dimag aur Dum and it will not be the same for every housemate. Anticipate a season elevated to new heights, as it explores the complex maze of human emotions. Within these walls, every twist is a lesson, and every task is a test. It’s going to be a thrilling ride to see how hearts beat, minds strategize, and excitement reaches its peak.”

As COLORS’ Bigg Boss will be soon on your television screen, stay tuned for more updates.

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