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SonyLIV’s next original Shrikant Bashir Makes It A Must-Watch For Its High-Octane Action Shots

by News Monks

Sony LIV’s next original Shrikant Bashir, is an action-packed drama that revolves around two officers, Shrikant and Bashir as they race against time to save the city from a deadly virus. Gashmeer Mahajani and Yudhisthir Singh, in the lead roles, have left no stone unturned in performing some notable and breathtaking action stunts, making it a must-watch.

While many artists resort to using a body double for stunts and action sequences, there are few who go the extra mile and perform stunts on their own. From effortlessly pulling off a fire sequence, to jumping off from a 2 storey building without a dupe, and having an ultimate bike chase sequence, the two actors have done it all, making Shrikant Bashir the ultimate action saga to look out for! Not only them, but Pooja Gor who plays Raveena, the IT expert at SOT will also be seen performing some daredevils stunts on the show.

Speaking of their experience, Gashmeer Mahajani who plays Shrikant says, “There was a scene where, Yudhisthir and I had to jump off from a 2 floor building. At first, we both were apprehensive since this scene particularly called for both mental and physical tenacity. But in order to bring authenticity and life to the scene, with all safety measures and precautions, we decided to perform the scene without a harness. Fortunately, none of u were harmed and the scene turn out very well that it make us proud to see it on screen”

Yudhisthir Singh who plays Bashir in the show said, “I enjoyed performing stunts on my own but fire stunts are the most dangerous and daunting ones. There was a scene where we had to use smoke bombs for the scene. While shooting that scene, a smoke bomb landed under me and exploded but I had to continue shooting the sequence. It was extremely painful on the onset, but luckily no major harm was caused. With our directors vision and support of such a strong crew, we were able to perform all the stunt scenes effortlessly. It was an adventurous journey altogether.”

Pooja Gor says, “The character that I play called for some real time action on field, and such stunts were really amazing to learn, to rehearse and perform. This was something I have never experienced as an actor for my other projects and hence this was a really exciting experience for me.”

Well, it’s commendable to see what goes behind the making of an action-packed show, and they truly deserve a spot on your binge list.  Along with Gashmeer Mahajani and Yudhishtir Singh, Shrikant Bashir also features Pooja Gor, Mantra, Ashmita Jaggi and more.

Shrikant Bashir goes live on 11th December only on SonyLIV

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