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Pride moment for Gujarati Cinema “Hurry Om Hurry” Premieres at IFFI

Pride moment for Gujarati Cinema: “Hurry Om Hurry” Premieres at IFFI

by NewsMonks

In Goa, at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), veteran Gujarati actor Siddharth Randeria spoke about the need for more platforms like IFFI to let Gujarati cinema reach more people across the country. He stressed the importance of making people aware of the beauty of Gujarati films and their captivating stories.


Actor Raunaq Kamdar shared his joy about the premiere of “Hurry Om Hurry” at IFFI, mentioning that other acclaimed Gujarati films have also found audiences through this festival.


Director Nisarg Vaidya explained that the film connects with the emotions of the Gujarati community, reflecting their culture. He highlighted the film’s humorous and fun elements, aiming to keep the audience hooked.

IFFI 2023 celebrates cinema art from around the world every year and film is a global language that transcends borders and cultures. The gala premiere segment increases the audience’s interest in the film by properly conveying the story angle to the audience.

Directed by Nisarg Vaidya, Hurry Om Hurry is releasing next month on 8th December and the film had a red carpet launch at IFFI 2023 in Goa, and a grand screening of the film where the entire cast and crew of the film along with 50 other guests from Gujarat attended the premiere.


The film boasts a stellar cast with Raunaq Kamdar and the veteran Siddharth Randeria in the lead roles, supported by Vyoma Nandi and Malhaar Rathod. The ensemble is completed by a talented supporting cast including Ragi Jani, Shivam Parekh, Kalpesh Patel, and Sandeep Kumar.


Behind the scenes, “Hurry Om Hurry” is powered by an excellent crew, including Director of Photography Milind Jog, Sound Engineer Mandar Kamalapurkar, Music Director Parth Bharat Thakkar, and Writer Vinod Sarvaiya. This fusion of talent both in front of and behind the camera ensures that “Hurry Om Hurry” is poised to be a cinematic delight.



The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of “Hurry Om Hurry.” It reflects an interesting and hilarious storyline that promises to keep audiences curious. Raunaq’s portrayal of a complicated life serves as a source of great humor, while watching Siddharth Randeria in a whole new avatar left people stunned. The fun and charismatic chemistry between Raunaq, Vyoma, and Malhaar is bound to leave audiences thoroughly entertained.

The Indian Gala Premieres section stands out this year as a testament to the rich diversity and creativity within Indian cinema, with films from various languages being part of the premieres this year.

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