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Meet the cast of COLORS’ royal historical romance ‘Pracchand Ashok’, starring Rakshanda Khan and Chetan Hansaraj in pivotal roles!

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Conquering hearts across the nation, the trailer of COLORS’ magnum opus ‘Pracchand Ashok’ stunned one and all with glimpses of the legendary love saga of Samrat Ashok (Adnan Khan) and Princess Kaurwaki (Mallika Singh). Ready to premiere soon, the historical romance traces the journey of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, two individuals who are as different as day and night. Kaurwaki seeks a compassionate companion, who is devoted to family, while Ashok, is driven by conquest and thirst for power. Despite their contrasting ideologies, fate weaves a love story that changes history forever. Joining the star-studded cast are seasoned actors such as Rakshanda Khan as Helena, Chetan Hansraj as Bindusar, Surendra Pal as Chandragupta Maurya, Manoj Kolhatkar as Chanakya, Aarush Shrivastava as Sushim, Dinesh Mehta as Subhandhu, Ankit Bhatia as Bhadrak, Shalini Chandran as Dharma, Leena Balodi as Salukkhavati, Manish Khanna as Padmanabhan, and
Harsh Vashisht as Kaurwaki’s uncle.

In this epic narrative, Chetan Hansraj is all set to shine in the role of Bindusar, the heir of Chandragupta Maurya and Ashok's father. He is a towering figure with regal authority and sharp intellect. His poised
emeanour conceals a fierce determination to expand his realm and preserve its grandeur. Renowned for his diplomatic prowess and military genius, he leads the empire to unparalleled heights, but is riddled with familial tensions, especially with his sons vying for the throne.

Rakshanda Khan is set to be seen as Helena, Chandragupta Maurya's wife from Greece, and Ashok’s grandmother, who is a captivating and influential figure in the Mauryan Empire. Her intellect bridges cultures, infusing Greek customs into Indian life, and enriching the empire.

Chetan Hansraj, who is essaying the role of Bindusar says, “Portraying Bindusar involves more than merely adopting the persona of a historical figure, it’s about bringing to life an enigmatic ruler whose influence resonates through centuries. He was known as the slayer of enemies, and he wielded authority while navigating the complexities of his kingdom's inner workings and familial tensions. Stepping into his shoes is an opportunity to live and present history as we know it. I’m thrilled about depicting the human intricacies behind the regal façade as he strove for the dynasty’s grandeur. There’s a certain responsibility in portraying such a renowned character, and I’m committed to honouring his legacy with every step of this journey. I hope to captivate the audience as Bindusar and offer a portrayal that pays homage to his glory.”

Rakshanda Khan, portraying the role of Helena says, “Playing Helena is an incredible chance to embody a strong and influential character in a male-dominated world. This is my first time doing historical drama and I am excited to portray the character that has existed in a different era and people actually do know her from the past. Her intelligence and strategic mind earned her respect in Chandragupta Maurya's court, shaping crucial decisions and leaving a lasting impact on the kingdom. While I've essayed a lot of grey character roles, breathing life into Helena is an exciting challenge for me. I'm excited for my fans to see me as Helena on screen as it is also magical experience for me, and I hope they embrace me in this role.”
‘Pracchand Ashok’ will air soon on COLORS!

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