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Home Entertainment Dusro ke dilo mein mithaas gholne waali apne jeevan ki kadwahat kaise mitayegi: COLORS’ new offering Mishri

Dusro ke dilo mein mithaas gholne waali apne jeevan ki kadwahat kaise mitayegi: COLORS’ new offering Mishri

Dusro ke dilo mein mithaas gholne waali apne jeevan ki kadwahat kaise mitayegi: COLORS’ new offering Mishri

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Relationships in the modern era are ever-evolving, with new dynamics emerging every day. But amidst all these changes, there remains one constant – the desire for ‘meethas’ that binds hearts together. With ‘Rishton Ka Naya Andaaz, Meethas Ke Saath,’ COLORS gears up to capture this timeless essence with the latest promo of its upcoming show ‘Mishri’ starring Shruti Bhist as Mishri and Namish Taneja as Raghav. The show chronicles the rollercoaster journey of a girl who brings joy and sweet fortune to others while grappling with her own bitter destiny. Residing in Mathura, Mishri is the town’s sweetheart, invited to every auspicious occasion to spread her good luck. The plot thickens when her conniving chachi schemes to marry her off to her shady middle-aged brother, swapping out the groom she was supposed to wed. Just when all hope seems lost, fate throws a curveball. In a dramatic twist, Raghav comes as a saviour and marries Mishri, flipping the script on Chachi’s nasty plot. The saga of dodging the life’s lemons doesn’t end there! But the saga doesn’t end there – bound by gratitude and a mangal sutra, the ever-determined Mishri refuses to be a burden to Raghav, who’s in love with another girl named Vaani. Mishri’s loyalty lies with Raghav and his soon-to-be wife Vaani, whom she loves like a sister. How will Mishri navigate this complex dynamic without hurting the two most important people in her life?


Sharing her excitement of playing the role of Mishri, Shruti Bhist said, “Mishri is truly special to me as it marks my first collaboration with COLORS. Despite spreading joy wherever she goes, Mishri’s own life lacks the sweetness she generously gives others. She is on a quest to transform her misfortunes into triumphs, come what may. Even after losing her parents and being treated as unpaid help by her own aunt, Mishri refuses to let circumstances break her loving spirit or her dreams of creating a better life. If there’s one thing, I hope viewers take away from this show, it is hope.”


Brimming with enthusiasm about portraying the inspiring Raghav, Namish Taneja remarks, “I’m thrilled to be returning to COLORS after my memorable roles in ‘Swaragini’ and ‘Vidya’. In this new-age drama, I will be essaying the role of Raghav, a man known for his readiness to help those in need. I really connect with my character’s kindness because I love helping others whenever I can. I’m excited to share Raghav’s inspiring story with the viewers.”

Apne jeevan ki kadwahat mein, kaise gholegi mithaas Mishri? Aa rahi hai jald COLORS par!


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