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COLORS’ ‘Parineetii’ completes 600 episodes; cast thanks viewers for abundant love!

COLORS' ‘Parineetii’ completes 600 episodes; cast thanks viewers for abundant love!

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COLORS’ popular show ‘Parineetii’ has won the hearts of viewers by depicting how love ties the lives of Parineet (Anchal Sahu), Neeti (Tanvi Dogra), and Sanju, also known as Rajeev (Ankur Verma) together. The hit television show has reached a momentous milestone, completing 600 episodes. Its compelling storytelling, gripping plotline, and stellar performances are the driving force behind its sustained success. The cast joined hands to commemorate the remarkable achievement of arriving at its 600th episode.


In the current story track, amid the hustle of wedding preparations and ceremonies, Sanju requests a commitment from Parineet not to call off the wedding. However, Neeti, who opposes their marriage, conspires against them with Sulochna. The two plan to sabotage Parineet’s haldi ceremony. Neeti tells Sulochna that she wants to see Pari’s pain and struggle as they mix an allergic powder in her haldi. Will Neeti and Sulochna succeed in ruining Parineet’s haldi ceremony?


Discussing the show’s accomplishment, Tanvi Dogra says, “Being part of Parineetii has been incredibly special for me as an artist, bringing recognition as Neeti. I’m grateful for the chance to give life to this revenge-driven antagonist. I love the vibe of a wedding and it’s wonderful to watch the entire set of Parineetii get a celebratory makeover. I think viewers will relate to all the preparations and rituals that are performed during a wedding. In the upcoming plot, Neeti is adorning herself as a bride and even applying mehendi like Parineet. Viewers can expect a lot of twists, drama, and massive entertainment. I would like to thank our viewers for showering their love on the show since its premiere.”


Sharing her experience of being on the show for 600 episodes, Anchal Sahu says, “I’m extremely happy to do what I love through Parineetii. It makes me very proud to be part of this show that has arrived at its 600th episode. Playing the role of Parineet has been quite a journey for me as an actor. In the current storyline, she is a bride who is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage. For this sequence, the entire team has gone all out to enliven the vibe of a wedding. Everything right from make-up, jewellery, costumes, and the decoration of the venue has been perfected by the team. While everything seems celebratory, Parineet is caught between her love for Sanju and her loyalty to Neeti. It’s challenging to show these conflicting feelings, especially the struggle of giving up one’s happiness for the sake of friendship.”


Reflecting on the show’s milestone achievement, Ankur Verma shares, “As we celebrate the 600th episode of ‘Parineetii,’ I’m thrilled about my character, Sanju’s, journey. He’s finally making a big decision by marrying Parineet, but things are getting intriguing as he must also handle the complexities with Neeti. The track becomes interesting and entertaining with each episode. I’m truly grateful to everyone who’s supported us. A huge thanks to the creators who’ve worked hard to bring this amazing story to life. Here’s hoping that the love and support continue pouring in!”

Stay tuned to ‘Parineetii’ airing every Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm only on COLORS!


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