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BTS makes Army confused by giving concept clips! What to expect from BTS “Butter” ?

by News Monks

From the logo trailer we all can know that “Butter” has a bright concept as it has yellow colour and also pop font. So Armys were expecting it to have a bright concept.

However after they release the concept clips they are little confused cause it may have party vibes according to concept clips and it may have dark concept.
In the concept clips they are looking very rich and it’s giving totally different vibes from what you imagine.

Also Some radio have already heard “Butter” and they are releasing statements like, “Butter is totally a hit”, “The song is fire and bop”. You know how extremely good songs are when radio shows say this right?

So from “Butter” all we can expect is that it’s a bop song to which we can dance all day long. And Armys heart will melt like “Butter” with their charismatic charms and dance. And not to forget that this is also their second English song which makes Armys more curious and excited.

Butter first teaser photo will be release on 10th May 12:00 am KST. From this we’ll get more idea as how mv will look like. Also Armys are surprised to see that BTS member “RM” gas got his pink hair back again to which he denied in the past that he’ll never do it but it’s back. Also we got to see Jungkook’s purple hair and finally Armys request have been fulfilled.

Look forward to “Butter” and don’t forget to watch BUTTER On 21st May.

VR Niti Sejpal

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