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The students were going to school after crossing 15 km of forest, Sonu Sood helped in this way:

by News Monks

In the lockdown, Sonu Sood, made up of the well-being of many expatriate labor-families, has helped many needy people in addition to getting people home.  He has been active with his team in this activity for the last few months.  Gold, which was delivered during the lockdown, is now personally helping some economically weaker families.

Recently, a person asked Sonu for help.  A man named Santosh Chauhan tweeted to Sonu that there are thousands of students in Mirzapur and Sonbhadra districts of Uttar Pradesh who drop out after Std.  This is his compulsion.  “Sonu Sudji, there are a total of 35 students in the village who have to walk 8 to 15 km through the forest to go to school,” Santosh wrote.  Some of these girls have their own bicycles.  Her family is unable to educate her daughter due to fear.  If you can give bicycles to these students, their future will be better.  Sonu’s attention was drawn to this demand for satisfaction.  Sonu assured that he would give bicycles to each of the daughters. 

“Every girl in the village will have a bicycle,” Sonu tweeted.  Every girl will study.  Will go to school.  Let the family know that the bicycle is approaching.  Just keep a tea ready.  In this way Sonu is helping ordinary family members.  Thousands of messages are coming every day and our team is working on.

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