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One-of-a-kind online school launches in India

by News Monks

The school imparts education from Standards 1-3through hybrid learning model and advanced tech tools

The school targets enrolment of about 5000 students in standards 1-3 by the end of March 2021 and acquire 1% of India’sK-12 market share by 2025

A one-of-a-kind online school has launched in India. Known as Cyboard School, it is a brainchild of two serial entrepreneurs and visionaries- Rajat Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO, and Kunal Singhal, Co-Founder & CTO.

Its salient feature is a hybrid model of delivery encompassing a mix of online classes which will be followed by physical camps spread over 30 days in a year and few city-level Interactions. The school targets enrolment of about 5000 students in Standards 1-3 by the end of March2021 and acquire 1% of India’sK-12 market share by 2025. It aims to overcome the drawbacks in conventional K-12 education, including lack of personalized learning, lack of requisite infrastructure and good teachers, limited student-teacher interaction and increased dependence on tuitions and impart futuristic education to students through state-of-the-art infrastructure, expert faculty members, irrespective of any geographical barriers.

“India possesses one of the largest educational systems in the world. The Online K-12 segment is projected to be nearly 3.7 times its existing size of $1.16 Bn to $4.3 Bn by 2025. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of digitization across sectors and education is no exception,” Mr Rajat Singhal, Co-Founder, Cyboard School.

“We are excited to embark on this newjourney in our endeavour to facilitate anywhere access to education. Through a hybrid model, personalized attention and leveraging of state-of-the-art technology, Cyboard School overcomes the drawbacks in conventional education,” he added.

Cyboard School will commence initially with classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, updated curriculum and the latest pedagogy to provide individualized attention to students are some of its unique value propositions. The school encourages Adaptive Learning to lay a strong conceptual foundation thereby eliminating the need for external tuitions. It also leverages AI for facial recognition and body language assessment.

The school is based on a monthly fee model. It will ensure economies of scale through advanced technology solutions.  The school has been co-founded by Mr. Rajat Singhal and Kunal Singhal. The management team comprises of mentors, technopreneurs, curriculum and content development experts and excellent administrators. Each master teacher would be teaching nearly 1000 students at a time while theAI tools embedded in the Platform will help minimize parental support and maintain the utmost level of discipline. Additionally, there would be assistant teachers for every 40 students below the master teachers for doubt clearance. Each kid will be given time slots to raise doubts and the top three queries will be solved, handled and explained by the master teacher and the rest would be taken up by assistant teachers/coordinators.  A series of daily, weekly and monthly assessments would be held regularly for kids’ assessment. Extra classes without any additional fee would be structured to fill in the gaps, wherever required. A 3-tier structure of SMEs, Master Subject Teachers and Assistant Teachers along with AI driven assessments would ensure personalized attention to every kid.

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