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Kidzee’s 10th Annual Days

Kidzee’s 10th Annual Days

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“The world is our stage and our voice is our instrument of change!”


Annual day celebration is not about just one day, it is all about applauding the entire journey. It is a testimony of the hard work and commitment put in by the entire team of staff and students of the school. This article is dedicated to the 10th annual day celebrations of Kidzee Virar and Kidzee Naigaon, Mumbai.


Kidzee is a franchise of preschools that caters to the educational and academic needs of kids from 2.5 to 6 years. They provide the facility of playgroup, nursery, junior and senior kindergarten.


The owner of the above mentioned Kidzee centres is Mrs. Dipali Vartak. Under her guidance and supervision, these two preschools have successfully completed 10 years of schooling. Their annual day celebrations are quite unique and totally different from any other regular school. They are musical dramas that comprises of a single story interwoven with songs and dance. It goes without saying that since the age group is six and below, a humongous amount of effort is put in to make the show grand.


Right from the germ of the idea, to planning and preparation takes almost four to five months. Furthermore, nearly two to three months of vigorous practice finally leads to the execution; so that we can witness a successful culmination.

Talking about this year, Virar Kidzee annual day was an adaptation of the popular film ‘Chillar Party’. There were more than 230 participants in the musical, out of which 80 kids were in the drama.


Naigaon Kidzee annual day was an adaptation of the famous fairytale ‘Cinderella’. Here, 210 kids participated, out of which 60 of them were in the spectacle.


Both the shows began with the welcoming of Lord Ganesha. Since it was their 10th year, the event was made more magnificent by a recap of the nine previous years and how Lord Vinayak was greeted earlier. Therefore children first danced on the old nine Ganesha songs and later came up with a spectacular new song for this year. This first segment of the evening of welcoming the deity was closed with a phantasmagorical Ganesha Crescendo.


We also had Zee Learn heads who had come to grace the occasion with their presence. Mr. Rahul Bamaniya, Kidzee Senior territory manager and Mrs. Shweta Vaanivekar, Regional academic manager from the west zone attended the Virar and Naigaon functions respectively. They were thoroughly impressed by the performances and also commented that no other preschool ever goes to these lengths.


As far as possible, the school makes sure that every child comes forward to participate in this annual day program, be it dance or drama; be they from playgroup or Sr. Kg. Meetings with parents are conducted to make them understand the importance of the annual day and how it will benefit their child.


An annual day program is not just a fancy event. It is more about giving kids a platform at a very early age. Dancing to the rhythm of good vibes and great music, the children gain confidence and mastery over stage fear. Also, at Kidzee, the first language is English and the second language is Hindi, especially at Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg. As far as language is concerned, it is not just significant to be able to read and write in that language, but also be able to express yourself in it. Keeping that in mind, the annual day scripts are always Hinglish, which means that the dialogues are both in English and Hindi.


Parental support plays a key role in the triumph of these annual day programs. Home practices and regular attendance makes it possible to pull off a show of this magnitude successfully.


Kidzee preschool is an amazing experience, not just for the kids but also the parents. Academics is just one part of the program. Apart from speaking, reading and writing, children get to do plenty of handson activities which go a long way in building strong concepts in their minds. The best part is that Kidzee curriculum keeps upgrading itself to be on par with the digital requirements of the current times. Everything is so colourful, lively and practical, that sometimes you as an adult would want to be a part of the Kidzee classroom. When the student graduates from Sr.Kg, he or she is well prepared to enter the primary school with confidence.


Almost all festivals and important days are celebrated and observed in the school. Parents and grandparents are also invited wherever possible or necessary. The entire atmosphere of the preschool is extremely safe, pleasant and child friendly. Uttermost priority is given to the children and every aspect of the school revolves around them. No nonsense is entertained from anybody, whoever that person might be.

Wouldn’t you want your child to study in such an amazing school and enjoy all the above experiences, gathering memories for a lifetime?


Kidzee Virar:

Shop No. 1-7, Ground Floor, Kishore Kunj Building No. 7, Viva College Road, Virar West, Maharashtra 401303.

Mobile number: +91 93701 90116


Services provided: Playgroup, Nursery, Jr KG, Sr Kg, Daycare, Extra Curricular Activities, Preschool Teacher Training Program

Kidzee Naigaon:

Bunglow No H-1 Pereira Square, Naigaon East, Palghar – 401208 (Opposite Don Bosco School and Udiksha Building Near Sai Dham)

Mobile number: +91 99201 49111


Services provided: Playgroup, Nursery, JrKG and Sr Kg.


Shamim Merchant, Mumbai.

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