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Khatabook’s “Pagarkhata App” to help storekeeper Manage Staff Attendance and Wages on the Phone

by News Monks

This mobile-first App is available in 13 languages to help Merchants seamlessly conduct a range of employee management operations.

India’s fastest growing fintech start-up, Khatabook, launched a new employee management platform, Pagarkhata App. The App helps marchants to digitally manage workforce-related tasks like monthly/hourly wages, type of employment, attendance/leaves, payslips, salary calculation, payment, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Ravish Naresh, CEO, and Co-founder, Khatabook, said, “Pagarkhata is a step forward for us in our mission to digitally enable Bharat’s MSMEs. Employee management platforms are not a new concept for the digital world. But till now, such platforms only catered to the requirements of organized businesses and corporates. Merchants like small Kirana stores, salons, electric shops, too need digital solutions to manage their workforce. Pagarkhataapp is the digital solution for MSME’s workforce management requirements with the mobile-first approach and a simple user interface exclusively designed for the requirement of the segment.”

Pagarkhata app is equipped with a user-friendly interface available in 13 languages, enabling hassle-free access for business owners across linguistic backdrops. The app is currently available on Android and will soon be released on iOS. With salary management and attendance tracking functionality, Pagarkhata is an extension to the core value offering of the flagship Khatabook app’s financial management capabilities. Pagarkhata app is already experiencing a high organic penetration in the Khatabook app’s user base.

With the Pagarkhata app, the businesses are likely to save time on managing and maintaining employee records, speed up the payment cycles for individual employees, reduce disagreements, eliminate human errors in wage calculations, digitally pay salaries and streamline many such activities related to staff management. The App aims to organize the MSME ecosystem in India by bringing in a structure to the daily operations and positively impacting the productive output.

Getting Started WithPagarkhata App is easy

  1. Download the App
  2. Enter your personal and business details

Enter your staff details and start with the digital management of the staff on the phone

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