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Find out what the Adani Group said when the farmers announced the boycott

by News Monks

The name of the country’s largest and most well-known industrial group has also surfaced in protest of the agricultural law. Against which the Adani Group has clarified that the company does not buy anything from farmers and does not even determine the value of their produce. The group, which is involved in big business ranging from ports to energy, said only the Food Corporation of India works for grain storage and its development. As well as managing it.

In a post posted on Twitter, the company also stated that it has no role in determining the quantity of stock and the value of grain. Because, it is just a company providing service or structured template for FCI. FCI buys its crop from farmers. Then stored in a government warehouse through a public-private partnership. Private companies have to pay a certain price for building such food stores and storing crops in warehouses. However, FCI has the right to such marketing as well as marketing and distribution. The FCI regulates the procurement of food crops for the public distribution system and the transportation of them from one place to another. In the farmers ‘movement against the three agrarian reform bills, it was also alleged by the farmers’ union that the law was brought in favor of Ambani and Adani. Some farmers’ organizations also alleged that the Adani group was setting up food storage facilities for hoarding food crops. Which is later sold at a higher price.

The company has stated that it does not own any grain purchased from farmers and has no role in determining the value of the grain. The Adani Group has been involved in the development and management of safe storage of grain for FCI since 2005. Even after winning a competitive and transparent tender by the Government of India, the storage infrastructure is ready. The statement also said that the private railway line has been constructed as part of the tender. In order to facilitate the movement of foodgrains in the distribution centers across the country. But the company said that FCI provides such a system for the modernization of grain storage and transportation infrastructure in the country. So that food grains can be stored safely and quality materials can be provided in the public distribution system.

The Adani Group said that in the present times, using these issues to tarnish one’s image, tarnishing the image of a responsible corporate company is not only a clear attempt but also a means of diverting public opinion and creating misconceptions. FCI has teamed up with private investors to develop high-tech storage ranging from the latest fumigation and preservation techniques for grain for two to four years. So that more grain can be stored and its quality maintained. The grain is then shipped across the country in bulk via a special train.

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