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Ecopreneur Arshad Qureshi is redefining the concept of a hyperlocal marketplace

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In the latest report from Expert Market Research titled ‘India Organic Food Market Size, Share, Analysis, Report, and Forecast 2024-2032,’ it is revealed that India’s organic food market achieved a value of US$1238 million in 2023. The market is expected to continue its growth trajectory, projecting a CAGR of 22% between 2024 and 2032, reaching a value of approximately US$4,082 million by 2032.

This is why ecopreneurs like Gujarat-based Arshad Qureshi are exploring innovative ideas in this sector. His online platform UrbanLyfe encourages consumers to go green by providing convenient buying and selling options of organic products as compared to traditional supermarkets, hypermarkets, and online stores.

“Organic farming contributes to environmental conservation, ethical farming practices, and advocates for resilient food systems. UrbanLyfe empowers stores and brands, providing insights to facilitate in-store sales and customer expansion. Simultaneously, brands can establish a local presence through our app and retail network,” he said.

Qureshi, a member of the empowering #GreenHustlers initiative that promotes a solutions-led entrepreneurial approach to climate change, says the idea of UrbanLyfe struck him after the COVID-19 pandemic. “Post the pandemic, a large number of people have become health conscious and want to eat clean, looking for products that are both healthy and environmentally friendly. However, they often have to contend with questions about what is organic, is it trustworthy, the raw materials used, and affordability,” he adds.

In Ahmedabad, though over 50 organic brands sell their products through various networks like WhatsApp, websites, and other marketplaces, facing challenges such as zero retail presence, delivery issues, and difficulty in predicting demand. “To tackle this, UrbanLyfe developed a delivery app that links users with local organic stores and brands, similar to other food delivery platforms.” says Qureshi.

He is employing innovative promotional methods like ‘green coins,’ offering customers rewards for contributing to climate action through green and clean purchase options. “We refer to green coins as impactful rewards, which are redeemable at local organic stores. UrbanLyfe is also bringing together on one platform, thousands of local brands that offer genuinely organic products. These are free of chemicals, affordable, and help to make not just the consumers but the planet healthier as well,” he concludes

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