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Samsung Baker Series Microwaves to Take Your Love for Baking and Healthy Cooking to a New Level

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  • The 2021 Baker Series microwaves offer features that were earlier available only in high-end convection microwave models
  • The new range comes with intuitive touch panels, glass finish and extremely sleek design; available in attractive Clean Pink colour

Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, today announced the expansion of its kitchen appliances range by launching the Baker Series microwaves that come with industry first features such as steaming, grilling and frying with pro-level convection features that will appeal to young millennials who have turned into home chefs and are adopting healthy eating habits.

Along with world-class technology, this sleek and stylish looking range – also includes models in Clean Pink colour – enables the evolved home chef to make extremely delicious desserts, crispy, oil-free snacks and steamed dishes in the Baker Series microwaves, which was earlier possible only in high-end convection microwave models.

As people are spending more time at home, several of them love to try their hands at cooking and baking. The Baker Series microwaves are a must-have for any contemporary kitchen and perfect to help consumers explore the hidden chef in them.

“Besides working from home and studying from home, a new trend that we are seeing is people baking and trying new recipes at home. People across the country, especially millennials, donned their chef’s hat as they spent more time at home and restricted eating out. To address consumers’ renewed passion for cooking healthy and delicious food at home, we have launched Baker Series Microwaves with industry first Home Desert, Steam Cook and Grill Fry features in the entry level segment,” said Sandeep Singh Arora, Senior Director, Online Business, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India.

With its elegant and sleek design, more intuitive controls, distinctive handles, glass finish body, these microwaves have been carefully crafted to make them aesthetically appealing, blending perfectly with the modern urban modular kitchen decor.

Furthermore, these stylish looking innovative microwaves come with accessories such as glass steam cooker, round rack, and crusty plate. Its 99.9% anti-bacterial ceramic enamel interior makes the microwave durable and easy to clean.

Price and Availability

With advanced technology, enhanced functions and premium design features, Samsung has launched five models under the new Baker Series – two Grill Fry models and three Steam Cook models – that are available in 23 litre capacity. The range is available on Flipkart and Amazon, and Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, with prices ranging from INR 10,290 – INR 11,590. 

The new 2021 range of Samsung Baker Series microwaves come in Clean Pink, Pure Black and Clean Gray colours giving the aesthetics of kitchens a new and stunning enhancement.

Healthy Living with Samsung Microwaves

With consumer’s focus shifting towards health and hygiene, Samsung has introduced Baker Series microwaves that come in two variants: Steam Cook variant with auto steam function that come with glass steam cooker accessory and Grill Fry microwaves with Crusty Plate that enables oil free frying.

Both Steam Cook and Grill Fry microwave models come with a Home Desert feature for making delicious deserts at home in a jiffy.

Features of Baker Series Microwaves:

Home Dessert

Making microwave desserts like egg pudding, chocolate mud cake, banana bread, brownies and much more is possible with the touch of a button. Quick, easy & delicious!

Grill Fry

Grill Fry microwaves come equipped with a Crusty Plate which will enable consumers to perform frying without oil and enjoy oil free french fries, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, chicken wings, potato chips etc.

Steam Cook

Steam Cook microwaves come with a Steam Cooker and the Auto Steam function allows one to steam vegetables, meat, fruits, eggs, porridge, rice, potatoes etc.

Hygienic & Easy Clean Interior

The 99.9% anti-bacterial, smooth and durable Ceramic Enamel is easy to clean and doesn’t discolour over time. It is highly rust and scratch-resistant, making the microwave last longer. Ceramic Enamel also ensures that cooking time is reduced, heat penetrates deeply and evenly, and all nutritional value is preserved.

Saves on Standby

Cook delicious meals while being energy-efficient at the same time. The ECO Mode significantly reduces energy consumption with the industry’s lowest standby power. When you are not cooking, the power used to maintain essential functions is kept to the minimum. So, you not only save energy, but you also save money while protecting the environment

Simple UX

Enjoy an intuitive and stylish way to cook. The Glass Touch control panel has just 6 essential buttons, which can be selected with a touch of your finger. And, being completely made of glass, it blends seamlessly with the front, mirroring the glass door, to create a minimalist yet stylish look.

New Design The all-new Baker series from Samsung is elegantly designed to seamlessly blend and compliment your contemporary kitchen. Choose a microwave oven that perfectly matches your personal taste and the style of your kitchen.

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