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Flightrule Aviation Partners Nordian to impart value education for a career in aviation

by News Monks
  • Nordian partnership to bring the world’s best course material and learnings to Flightrule students at the click of a button.

Flightrule Aviation Services LLP, a technology-led aviation training solutions provider in India, today announced its partnership with Nordian Aviation Training Systems, one of Europe’s leading provider of teaching aids and training systems for airlines, to provide aviation career aspirants with world-class training material and e-learning solutions. For the first time in India, a student can read material developed for airline pilots on their mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Speaking about the partnership, Capt. Rahul Monga, CEO & Chief Instructor, Flightrule Aviation Services said “Aviation training in India suffers from lack of quality, standardization, and regulation. Our goal is to fill in the existing gap of the shortage of pilots in the country and enhance the quality of education provided to prepare students for their careers in aviation. Imparting students with structured knowledge will make them well adept with the ground training as well as flying training and also help them clear necessary examinations by the DGCA. We are excited to partner with Nordian Aviation Services which will enable us to provide the finest ground training in the world.”

Mr. Tor Nordvik, CEO – Nordian Aviation Services said, “Being an aviator is a very responsible job and one has to be well versed and updated with the latest knowledge in the aviation space. Nordian is dedicated to bringing high-quality training material and course curriculum to students from across the globe. We are delighted to partner with Flightrule and we believe their faculty experience and training will be very beneficial to students who want to become future aviators.”

Based in Norway, Nordian is a renowned provider of modern training material and e-learning for Airlines, Aviation Training Organizations (ATOs), and Military Training Organizations around the world and is also recommended by the DGCA. Flightrule’s tie-up with Nordian is aimed at providing students who are looking at a career in aviation with high-quality content and modern methodologies that address the training needs of a new generation of students who think, learn and work differently.

For an individual to become an Airline pilot in India, one has to clear written exams conducted by the DGCA and get sufficient flying experience in any of the flying clubs in India or abroad. Together with Nordian, Flightrule provides students with a world standard course content. The Nordian E-learning System consists of the content and two seamlessly integrated systems:

  • A Learning Management System (LMS)
  • An Evaluation & Reporting System

The modern online e-learning platform has been developed by ITS Learning – Europe’s leading cloud-based LMS provider. The second system is an Evaluation & Reporting system developed by Nordian specifically for aviation training. The combination of the two results in a powerful LMS customized for use in aviation. The course content is available from the LMS platform. The 15 e-books are available as a complimentary resource. With high-speed broadband and 4G penetration, all students can access the content on the go.

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