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Suzuki Burgman Electric Scooter to be launched in India, see glimpse

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Suzuki Motorcycle India has been working on a plan to launch an electric scooter in India for a long time and now it has seen the first glimpse of the electric variant of its superb scooter Suzuki Burgeman. The Suzuki Burgman Eklectric Scooter was recently spotted on the road for testing. Suzuki does not yet have a single electric bike, scooter or scooter in India. Suzuki may launch many electric scooters and scooters from 110 cc to 125 cc in the near future. Burgman’s prototype is currently being tested.

The prototype of the Suzuki Electric Scooter seen on the road during testing looks very similar to the Suzuki Burgeman Maxi scooter. There is speculation that Suzuki’s first electric scooter will be an electric variant of the Burgeman. The scooter will be launched with dual tone color schemes like White and Blue. A shock observer is provided on the left side of this scooter.

The wheels and front telescopic suspension in this Suzuki scooter are very similar to the Burgeman. This electric scooter from Suzuki is seen with a 3 to 4 kwh battery pack and a 4 to 6 kw electric motor setup. It is believed that this electric scooter can run 70 to 90 kilometers on a single charge. While its top speed can be 80 km per hour.
Suzuki Burgeman Electric has many cool features. The registration plate of this scooter has been raised. It also has a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth and 4G LTE connectivity. With this new electric scooter from Suzuki you can connect your smartphone and take advantage of other features including SMS, Call Alert, Navigation, Riding Statistics, Charging Status, Caller ID Alert through the Digital Instrument Cluster.

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