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2020 Autocar Maintenance Study Ranks Ford Vehicles Among The Most AffordableTo Own

by News Monks

Ford yet again delivered on its promise of greater value of money to its customers with the 2020 edition of Autocar India’s Vehicle Maintenance study rating its cars & SUVs as the most affordable to maintain in their respective segments.

“We have been working to ensure our products continue to deliver wonderful value of ownership throught out their ownership cycleand address misconceptions. The Maintenance report by Autocar is a great boost and validation of our untiring efforts,” said Vinay Raina, executive director for Marketing, Sales & Service at Ford India.

According to Autocar report that covers all vehicle segments and manufacturers, Ford products were among the most economical – ranging from INR 20,682or 34 paisa per kilometer for Ford Figo to INR 42,548 or 71 paisa per kilometer for Ford Endeavour – to maintain against segment leaders over a 60,000-kilometer or five-year ownership cycle.

The study found Ford Figo Petrol to be the most affordable mid-range hatchback, costing just 34 paise per KM to maintain, 28% less than the segment volume leader. The Figo Diesel, with its most powerful and bigger engine, was also among the most inexpensive, costing just 45 paise per kilometre to maintain.

Amongst compact SUVs, both Ford Freestyle Petrol and Diesel variants were least expensive to maintain, requiring 35% and 38% lower spends of just 34 paise and 45 paise per kilometrerespectively. Ford EcoSport, with spends of about Rs. 21,754 for petrol and 27,882 for dieselover a 60,000-kilometre ownership cycle, once again set a benchmark.

In the Premium SUV segment, the study showed 2020 Endeavour to be nearly 12% cost-effective to maintain compared to the market leader.While the Ford Endeavour owners spendjust 71 paise per kilometre to maintain, those who drive its competing model spend 81 paiseper kilometre to keep their SUV in shape.

Click here to access the full Autocar India’s Vehicle Maintenance Cost Study.

Autocar India’s annual study analyses the amount owners are expected to spend to keep their cars in shape and factors recurring expenses on periodic service, labour, routine spare part replacement such as spark plugs, filters (oil, air, fuel, air-conditioner) and essential fluids (engine oil, brake oil, coolant). “The Autocar India Study 2020 gives an idea of just how much one would spend in maintaining a car, including service parts, their service life, labour rates as well as the service intervals,” said HormazdSorabjee, Editor, Autocar India. “Through authentic, well-researched data in our annual survey, we are glad to play a small part in empowering customers make informed purchase decisions.”

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