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Why and how to celebrate MAHASHIVARATRI ?

by News Monks

MAHADEV (God Shiva) does a very important job of controlling the entire creation. The entire creation is run by the power of Shiva and its purpose is as noble as social welfare. In fact we believe that Shiva is the God of people who believe in Hinduism, but in reality Shiva means welfare. Thus the power that is the benefactor of the entire universe is known as Shiva and it is natural that the one who performs selfless and welfare deeds should always be worshiped.

Shiva is the giver of noble death. We all know that a noble death is as essential as a noble life. For which it is inevitable to follow the path of Shiva. Materials associated with Shiva worship such as BILVA leaves (BEL-PATR or BILLIPATR), milk, water, RUDRAKSHA etc. are also very scientific and beneficial for the entire ecosystem. With a deep scientific understanding, if all these ingredients are consumed with Shiva worship, one can get rid of the painful disease and prolong life. Just as the judiciary can appeal to the President for mercy even if an offender has been sentenced to death and mercy can be obtained under the right circumstances, similarly one can attains auspicious death and disease free life by worship of God Shiva. The holy day of SHIVRATRI should be celebrated not only for the sake of religion but also in terms of science. It is believed that SHIVRATRI marked the beginning of the DWAPAR Yuga. Moreover, the first JYOTIRLINGA was also revealed on the day of SHIVRATRI.

According to the UPNISHADA the event of churning of the ocean and extremely dangerous poison that God Shiva has absorbed for the welfare and wellbeing of entire creation, is also associated with SHIVRATRI. According to another story, PARVATI prayed to Lord Shiva for the welfare of the living beings and Lord Shiva was pleased to say that the person who fasts, worships, meditates, awakens and does good deeds on the day of SHIVRATRI will be saved by the Lord at the time of doom. Thus Lord Shiva’s favorite day is SHIVRATRI. From a scientific point of view, the power to prevent bad effects on the body of sweets, fried items etc. eaten at parties, weddings, etc. during the four months of winter and marriage season, as well as to stay healthy in the coming hot days can be achieved by fasting SHIVRATRI. In addition, fasting and waking up on SHIVRATRI is also important to alleviate the cold-cough accumulated in the body during the cold season of four months. Just as one has to undergo a thorough examination of the body to enter a foreign country, the same logic is applicable to MAHASHIVRATRI for entering the awkward conditions of summer.

We all know that Shiva’s nature is so fierce and hot that the moon and the Ganges remain in his head and Lord Shiva attains coolness through the anointing of water in a same way through the proper use of all the special materials normally used on SHIVRATRI, the entire creation can attain peace and coolness, which is required in the coming hot days, i.e. in the summer season. According to the books of Professor PRIYAVRAT Sharma, which is taught as a textbook in the course of AYURVEDA, the juice of BILLIPATRA is an elixir for delicate organs like eyes, i.e. BILVA leaves is an excellent medicine to remove all the pains, ailments, inflammation of the eyes. According to science, eating BILVA leaves is beneficial in diseases like polyuria and diabetes. Digestion improves blood pressure stays under control almost all gynecological problems are eliminated. Billy’s fruit is considered to be an elixir to cure all stomach ailments. Among the all items used in Lord Shiva’s worship, milk is the original cleanser we all know. It contains beta hydroxy acid which softens the skin. Besides, we all know many other benefits of milk. In the same way, Lord Shiva’s favorite RUDRAKSHA is very useful in curing all skin diseases.

There are many benefits to just wearing RUDRAKSHA. It sucks all the disorders of the body by touching the skin. One part RUDRAKSHA powder and four parts CHANOTHI (ABRUS PRECATORIUS- rosary pea) are extremely beneficial according to AYURVEDA to prevent hair loss. RUDRAKSHA is also very useful in eye diseases. In the coming summer, the celebration of MAHASHIVRATRI is essential to keep the body, mind and soul healthy, behind which deep science works. We may have read in the mythological story that a person suffering from leprosy should take refuge in Shiva. Today’s science has proved that skin diseases can be cured by RUDRAKSHA as well as BILVAPATR. It can be said that religion and science are going almost in parallel.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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