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True friend ?

by News Monks

Riya was a teenager girl. She always stays honest. She can’t be fake. People used to tell her that she should change her behaviour and attitude. She should change herself. One day she seriously thought whether she should change herself? Whether she should make her behaviour different?
Whether she should change her appearance? Then she goes to her friends.
Riya : What do you think? Should I change myself? Don’t anyone like me as I am?
Rita:- Yes, maybe you should. We are judged by society and so we should stay as per society.
(Riya goes to another friend and face the same answer)

After a while Riya saw herself in mirror and asked it, “Should I change myself?”
Mirror : No, you should not. If you like yourself be as it is. Love yourself. No need to change yourself just because of society.
Riya : But, what if nobody likes me?
Mirror : Those who will truly like you will accept you as you are.
Riya : From today you are my best friend. You are my true friend. You have never judge me how I look. You have always show me what I want to see.

And that’s how Riya got her true friend.

Niti Sejpal “Titli”

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