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The value of life

by News Monks

“When the sword was drawn on the life of the soul, that’s when the value of life became known.”

My pen runs on imagination but what I’m writing might be a reality experienced by many people.

Ever wondered what the value of life is !? Ever valued life ..! ..? It is not understood until there is a moment of crisis in it. There is very little time between life and death. This is more easily understood if you put it on your mind.

In nine months, the mother of the unborn child is the one who has cared for the baby for more than herself, who has thought only of the child’s interest, from eating and drinking to sleeping and waking up, thinking only of the child. Every relative in the house has dreamt about the baby to come. The nine-month wait that the infant’s grandparents, uncles, aunts and the baby’s parents had relished many dreams that has now eventually reached the hospital bed.

The mother maintains her courage even though the doctor performs the operation, even after the mother’s many hardships and sufferings, but when the baby doesn’t cry after the operation, the mother’s breath stops and the baby cries after the hard struggle of the doctors. The priceless value of life is realized when it passes.

Written by: Jagruti Kaila
Translated by: Shamim Merchant

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