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The ultimate tool for living and winning life is Faith

by News Monks

Life is an invaluable gift from God. The understanding of how to live and how to win is the only true knowledge in my opinion. From that point of view, life is not something to be enjoyed but to know and we actually know everything but sometimes we forget to know in the cycle of enjoying life. Faith is an infallible weapon by which life cannot be only lived in an excellent way i.e. with great security and peace but can also be won.

Life can be won by the instrument of faith from moment to moment. Faith means unshakable trust (absolute positivity) faith can be on God, on oneself or on others i.e. in relationships. In short, faith in God, in the “self” or in relationships, provides peace and security in life. The major diseases of Kali Yuga such as unrest, frustration, anxiety, despair, stress, anger etc. are the results of unfaith. We have so much negativity that we have no faith in relationships, “self” or God. I believe that trust in God leads to trust in the “self” and “relationships”, means the belief that God can never do bad things to His children makes the relationship very strong. There will not be any complaint with life because with faith it is accepted that whatever happens to us happens for the best, God can never harm us, it is not only improves relationships but also increases self-confidence. Which complete us with incredible power and the person wins life. Because the person who does not accept defeat and fights with full power and confidence can never be defeated. In fact our defeat happens when we accept defeat. Faith in the “self” and “relationships” creates an excellent and conducive environment in which love for God and His kingdom also arises which multiplies a person’s faith in God. Thus faith in God increases faith in self and relationships and faith in self and relationships increases faith in God. In this way both are interrelated. A person who has faith in God is not stupid or ignorant but he is a very sensible and scientific person. Who knows the eternal truth of life. In short, a person with a spiritual or religious attitude starts his journey from faith in God and reaches the faith of “self” and “relationship” while an atheist with a scientific attitude starts from self or relationship and reaches God. Thus start the journey from the east or the west is the same to reach at destination and the real destination is happiness, peace, prosperity, safety and love in life. All of which is possible only through faith. For example you planted a seed in the ground because you expect fruit but when that seed is planted with disbelief i.e. digging the ground every few days to see if the seed has grown or not it is difficult to get the result and constantly think that everything is unfavorable Seed is not good, sunlight is not good, manure and water are not good because there is nothing good in the world, so what do you think, because of such thoughts and disbelief, by repeatedly digging the ground and checking the seed, the seed can become a tree? And if the tree does not grow, will you be able to get fruit? Instead, if you plant the seed with full faith and constantly imagine the best fruit and flowering tree with the best thoughts and faith, you do not think that the seed will become a tree until your journey or life is free from unrest, anger, distrust, frustration, anxiety and stress Because it is safer and more peaceful for us to do the right thing with full faith in God than to constantly dig into the ground and constantly think negatively and increase frustration, despair, anxiety and stress. By sprinkling the seed with faith, the tree must grow and give fruit because that is the law of nature.

If we do not have success and peace in life, I think the main reason is lack of faith. Even if is not on God or self or in relationships, the root cause of all troubles and problems is disbelief which makes us do things like digging unnecessary land and create unrest, insecurity, despair, frustration and stress in life. That is why the scriptures say that faith is the only art of living life and winning or amulet cure. Faith makes a person very powerful and safe when it is in self and relationships. We know self-belief is self-confidence, without which it is not possible to live or win a life. In the same way, if any relationship starts with disbelief or unfaith, can it ever bring happiness, peace and security? Suppose a person connects with someone through marriage and starts with mistrust, doubt or negativity, then it is possible to succeed in marriage life? Also, if every woman thinks that men are never good and men think that woman is the gate of hell, then do you think it makes life meaningful? In fact, our basic nature is faith, that is, the nature of the soul is faith. That is why we rely on the words of even strangers for the first time.

Each of us has the experience that if we go to the market to buy something, we only buy it by trusting the other person. Don’t you think we are dealing with everyone with full faith from morning to night? We do everything from birth to death with faith, that is, in the midst of so much negativity, even in Kali Yuga, even though no one is happy with marriage, children, relationships, we do all those deeds with full faith and believe that we will not fail. The element of trust is present even in ordinary purchases, we are confident that we will not be cheated. Even when buying food from shop, we are confident that it does not contain any toxins, so we eat with full confidence. Don’t you think that all these examples show that we live our lives with faith? But when for some reason faith or trust is hurt we are forced to doubt and this doubt robs us of the happiness, peace, security and affection of our life. That is why the Scriptures say that it is better to be cheated than to cheat someone.

If all choose to be deceived instead of cheating then don’t you think Sat-Yuga will be created in Kali-Yuga. In fact, it is our disbelief and negativity that has turned Sat-Yuga into Kali Yuga which we can transform back into the Sat-Yuga. Yes, one thing must be taken care of here that it is a matter of faith and not of superstition. Superstition can never be right. Faith can never be blind when it has a deep understanding. From the word superstition it is understood that without any understanding something is blind is superstition which makes life hell very quickly. So never have superstitions about self, relationship or God Overcoming superstition with deep understanding and lighting the lamp of understanding of faith because it is not only difficult but almost impossible for a blind person to reach his destination.

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