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The real house maker

by News Monks

“Marrying you was the worst decision of my life, I can’t take it anymore.” Rajesh angrily said.

“Really rajesh, I just can’t believe what you just said now. Fine, what do you want?” said Usha.


The earth has shaken for Usha as she heard this word, she has been married to rajesh for 15 years and suddenly a small misunderstanding and rajesh is asking for divorce.

“What!” Usha was flabbergasted

“Don’t overreact on this, you also want divorce that is why you are blaming me.”

“I am not blaming you Rajesh, I am just saying that in this tough time you must save for our family. You have a very bad habit of extravagance and you know it. So what I am saying is I am running this home in our savings. You don’t have a permanent job and your male ego doesn’t let me do the job also so how can I run this house? Next month we have to pay Montu’s school fees, do you have that? God doesn’t do that but suppose your mother suddenly fell ill so how will you pay the hospital’s bill? Answer all these questions, still if you find me wrong then I’ll divorce you happily.” Usha was saying all these and crying bitterly.

“Don’t show off that you run this house, I am the breadwinner of this house. You do all this stuff because I earned it and gave it to you. Without me, you are nothing. What is your identity? I am Mr. Rajesh Shah, I am your identity. Society knows you because of me, got it Mrs Rajesh shah?” Rajesh said arrogantly.

“Fine, Mr. shah. You are right you are my identity, I accept it and I am not like you. I want to give a last chance to this shaken marriage ship from drowning. You said you run this house because of your money, accepted now for a one day stay at home and do my household duty, montu’s duty, your mother’s duty and then decide whatever you want. If you are successful in doing this I’ll prepare divorce paper and give it to you and if you fail then you have to start the savings for our family. Agree? Usha firmly said.

“Challenge accepted. Next Sunday I’ll take care of this house and prove you that male is better home administered than female.” Rajesh said in egoism.

Sunday came and Rajesh woke up early in the morning to prove his point but he didn’t have any idea where to start the household work. First of all he tries to make tea for all but he can’t find the ingredients. Milk was yet to come, milkman came and gave milk but Rajesh was feeling sleepy so he dropped the milk vessel and the whole milk was spreaded on the floor.

“What a brilliant way of starting the day!” he said to himself.

Usha was watching all these and feeling sad that she had to do this for her shaken marriage life and for her family.

Montu was not going for a bath and making more and more demands so Rajesh slapped him angrily. Her mother was not taking medicines, so Rajesh was requesting her to take it but at the end he gave up and angrily said, “do as you wish, kill yourself.” In a short period in his heart Rajesh understood that Usha is the real homemaker and the best home administrator but his ego doesn’t let him believe that.

Rajesh has cooked for the family but the lunch was this century’s worst lunch. Everybody at the lunch table laughed at Rajesh. Finally Rajesh believed that Usha was right.

In the evening Rajesh said to Usha, “ I am really sorry, I was very absurd with you. You are the queen of this house. Though I am the breadwinner but you are the real house maker of this family. Today I am accepting that Female has her own identity. Male need women for their betterment.”

Usha doesn’t say a word, she just hugged Rajesh and was feeling content that her love has saved her marriage life and family from drowning.   

Sunil Gohil 

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