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“Congratulations Rahul, today also you stood first.”
Rahul shook his head when his coach patted his back in the practice session.
“No sir, it was Mayank, I was behind him by a fraction of seconds.”
Their coach Aniket knew it, but he was only testing his boys’ honesty on the field. He patted Rahul’s back again.
“I’m proud of you Rahul. You’re a true sportsman.”

Next day was the finals. The playground was packed and parents were cheering up their children. In the 200 meters race Mayank beat Rahul and stood first again. When the winners were announced, Rahul wasn’t happy. Not because he came second, but something had happened on the field. He wondered if anyone noticed.

When they stood on the victory stand, his principal came and put the gold medal around Rahul’s neck. Havoc shot up among the audience and the kids. Principal Sir, called for a mic and began talking,
“Ladies and gentlemen, sports is not about winning. It’s all about participation and the spirit of sportsmanship. If you don’t build that in you, then you are not a good sports person.”

He looked at Mayank and continued,
“Mayank very slyly pushed Rahul to win the race and not many saw it. I could have disqualified him quietly. But I want the rest of the school to receive my message loud and clear.”

Mayank apologized and stepped down guiltily.

Shamim Merchant

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