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Sorrow Found Solace

by News Monks

Even after two hours, she was still palpitating and perspiring. It wasn’t easy. Neerja took a deep cold sigh and questioned herself,”Has this act made my life simpler now…? Or have I created a whirlwind of difficulties for myself?”

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! As soon as she remembered the proverb, a smile broke out on her face and merged with her flowing tears. Glancing around the room she could see the mess that was created. Glass plates had broken and were shattered on the ground, food was scattered everywhere. Chairs had smashed against the wall and cushions had toppled over. An empty bottle of alcohol had slipped under the sofa.

Neerja laughed again in sarcasm and sat alone in the empty room speaking loudly,”The tempest of my life was worse than this. What could be more devastating now?”

She looked in the mirror and felt sorry for herself. Her entire body was filled with scars. Some old, some fresh. Blood flowing from the wound near the eye had frozen on her cheek.

Ten years of marriage were nothing less than hell. Love was a distant dream. Mahesh never tried to understand her or showed any kind of sympathy. Expectation of having children was completely futile.

Mahesh was lying lifeless on the floor. His white shirt had turned red. Seeing the fear in his dead open eyes, gave a different kind of peace to Neerja. As if before today, she didn’t know what happiness was. Eventually, in the moment all her sorrows found solace.

She had made the call long back. Looking at the mobile in her hand, she said,”Come soon and take me away.”

Whilst she stood up and was about to keep the knife and the phone on the table, the doorbell rang. She sighed again.”Thank God! I shall now sit peacefully in the prison and write my autobiography.”

Shamim Merchant

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