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Is there any scientific significance of SHARAD-POONAM celebration?

by News Monks

Full moon (POONAM) shows the position of the moon. We all know that planets and constellations have a profound effect on the earth and its inhabitants. Many people do not accept astrology, that is, the influence of planets on human life. But now science has proved through many researches that human life is directly related to the changes in nature as well as the movements of the planets.

The art of the moon i.e. the movement of the moon from AMAS to POONAM has a visible effect on the sea. We all know that high tides and low tides (oats) coming into the sea are due to the movement of the moon. The structure of the sea and the human body is very similar. Just as the oceans contain mainly salt and water while the human body also contains 60 to 70 percent water as well as salts. This means that if the moon can affect the ocean, it can also affect humans. According to one study, most fish lay eggs on oatmeal days and after 15 days on tidal days the chicks emerge from the eggs and the sea waves carry them into the water inside. To this day it is not known how fish know tides and oats. The sensation of the moon is responsible for all this. The fish recognizes the sensation of the moon. The same reason is responsible behind changing the territory according to the season of the birds. Thus planets affect living beings. From the movements of the planets and constellations, a sparrow in Japan leaves the region 24 hours before the earthquake. The mysterious element behind the impact of the entire movement of space on the ecosystem is water. That is, the effect is felt through water. The connection between mother and baby in the womb is also due to water.

SHARAD-POONAM is the festival of getting nectar. Sixteen types of art like Amrita, MANADA, PUSHA, PUSHTI, TRUSHTI, RATI, RASHINI, DHRITI, CHANDRIKA, KANTI, JYOTSNA, SHRI, PREETI, ANGADA, PURNA, PURNAMRITA are raining from the rays of the moon and these sixteen arts of the moon are nothing but supernatural powers. Of the twelve POONAMs of the year, SHARAD POONAM is known as MAHA POONAM. Because on every full moon day the moon blooms in sixteen arts, of course, but only from the sixteen arts of the blooming moon of SHARAD POONAM, nectar rains on the earth. This nectar is nothing but the nectar of coolness. The coolness of the moon acts as a medicine and according to AYURVEDA, bathing in the nectarine cool rays of the moon on the night of SHARAD POONAM destroys the diseases of the body. Moreover, since the moon is the cause of the mind, the most important thing it does is to calm and make the mind happy and we all know that a happy mind is the supreme success. Thus the festival of pleasing the mind is SHARAD POONAM. It is believed that the cool rays of SHARAD POONAM turn the water in the oysters lying on the beach into pearls. So if the moon rays have the power to make water into pearls, think that how much power will it have to make our mind happy?

According to astrology, the moon is the factor affecting mind so the lunar art has a strong effect on the human mind. Scientific research has noted that most cases of insanity were seen on full moon day. The position of the moon is excellent on the night of SHARAD POONAM. To take advantage of this, the celebration of SHARAD POONAM is very scientific. As the moon is the cause of the mind, it has another contribution in increasing the power of the mind. Also the moon provides holiness and peace. Its white color is a factor of peace. That is why we have the custom of wearing white after death, just as silver utensils and jewelry are useful in providing mental strength to a person. According to a study, a white car reduces the chances of an accident. The moon is actually a filter of rays i.e. the harmful rays of the sun do a great job of sending gentle rays to the earth. That is why it is known as CHANDAMAMA because he becomes the brother of the earth and helps the children of the earth and gives them mental health. Moreover, in today’s age of global warming love towards moon is very beneficial. Due to many such scientific reasons, milk-POHA placed in moon rays is physically and mentally healthy. Moreover, on the day of SHARAD POONAM, there is a very deep scientific understanding behind eating nothing but milk and POHA. Rice POHA is high in carbohydrates and protein and very easy to digest. Besides, who else can destroy the bile produced during the monsoon season better than milk-POHA and moonshine?

It is in everyone’s interest to celebrate SHARAD POONAM with milk-POHA in the sense that the association of milk-POHA and moon rays can give excellent results. Through which not only physical health is achieved but also the power of the mind increases. As well as the mind becomes calm with purity. Readers are expected to celebrate SHARAD POONAM in the presence of moon rays with milk POHA. I wish all the best to every reader for this scientific celebration.

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