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Scientific analysis behind celebration of UTTARAYAN festival

by News Monks

Normally we know only water as the best element for body purification i.e. purification is achieved by drinking water and bathing with water but in fact air purifies the body just as well from inside and outside that is why Lord Krishna said in SHRIMAD BHAGAVAD GEETA that “I am in the air of sanctification.” Thus the air enjoys a very high position so that we feel refreshed by going to places where the wind blows.

Today’s science also says to take deep breaths to live a healthy life which is known as PRANAYAMA in the scriptures which gives vigor and strength to the body. Air particles are more subtle than water particles and spread faster and enter the body, making the body clean and beautiful. If one goes to the terrace for flying a kite in UTTRAYAN, can automatically get all the benefits of air bath. According to the scriptures, there are five types of air in our body PRANAVAYU, UDANAVAYU, SAMANAVAYU, VYANAVAYU and APANAVAYU, which are similar to the gases discovered by today’s science. Like PRANAVAYU that is oxygen that is the basis on which the whole organism survives. The location of oxygen is the heart. UDANAVAYU means carbon dioxide, the location of which is the throat which acts to expel the impurities of the body from the throat through the nose. The SAMANAVAYU is located in the stomach which is hydrogen gas according to today’s science which causes hunger and thirst. APANAVAYU means methane gas, which is located in the intestines which act to expel feces. VYANAVAYU means nitrogen, which is present in the head and the whole body due to which the body develops.

In short every movement of the body is attributed to air. UTTARAYAN is a golden opportunity to improve the health of the body. Excellent results can be obtained by bathing in the river under the open sky during UTTARAYAN So that the glory of the holy bath is sung in the scriptures. Sesame is excellent for people suffering from flatulence. In the festival of UTTARAYAN, it is necessary to take sesame bath, sesame intake, sesame donation, sesame oil massage etc. to get the grace of VAYUDEV. That is, it is an amulet cure for flatulence or airborne diseases. The gases in the body is controlled or regulated with oil and sesame oil is excellent for it. In fact, the word oil (TEL) comes from sesame (TAL). The use of sesame makes the body completely pure. Black sesame oil prevents hair from turning white. KACHARIYU eaten in UTTARAYAN is the best tonic for the brain. Eating sesame seeds strengthens the gums. Applying two drops of sesame oil in the ear in a week does not cause ear diseases. Sesame oil massage improves blood circulation. So that BP stays under control and the heart becomes efficient. In short, sesame is at the forefront as an element of regulating gases of the body. So don’t forget to take air bath and sesame in this UTTARAYAN festival.

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