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Neha Sharma’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the young candidate for the interview. Same style, same personality and his face? Identical. 
“This is impossible.” 
The notion kept swirling in her head.

Coming out of her reverie, the first question Neha asked was,
“Mr .. are you from Ahmedabad?”

“Yes, Ma’am I am Mihir, I have been residing here in Delhi for years now.” Hearing Mihir’s reply, Neha was stunned for a moment.

Mihir further said, 
“But my mom is from Ahmedabad.”

Neha was lost in her past once again. Before he died, her husband’s last words echoed in her ears. 
“I’m sorry Neha, I tried my best to give you justice, while I was in Delhi. Nonetheless, I couldn’t forget my first love. But yes … I never kept any touch with her after we got married. Now, just a few days ago I found out that I have a son.”

She well remembered his reaction when he was filled with remorse while talking to her. He was gasping for air when he told her regretfully,”Ironically, see the justice of nature Neha, he grew up without a father and I was craving for children.
“With these memories, Neha started crying.

Mihir’s concerned voice brought her back to the present.
“Ma’am, are you alright?”
Mihir could not fathom her changed demeanor.
Neha shook her head and inquired, “Mihir what about your mom?”
He lowered his gaze and said softly,
“She passed away on 12/05, eight months ago.”

Neha arched her brows and thought to herself, 
“12/05 .. well after all, that unique date proved to be the reunion of their incomplete love.”

And with that, she made a decision for the peace of her husband’s departed soul.
Suppressing the tempest in her heart, she said,”Mihir, your job is confirmed.”

Written by – Jagruti Kaila
Translated by – Shamim Merchant

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