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Plastic Surgery

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“My dearest Veer,
I still can’t believe! Incredibly, it’s been two years since we are writing to each other. I’ll probably never be able to formulate into words how this correspondence with you has affected my heart. Every letter of yours was filled with love and affection and they have worked wonders. They have acted like a balm and helped me in healing. I’m extremely happy that today all wait will come to an end. Moreover, the promise to stay in this relationship without seeing each other will also see it’s culmination.
I just want to tell you one thing. I need a plastic surgery. Then everything will be fine. Veer, our union will prove to be the real test of us and our love. Veer, will you come to me? ” 
The last sentences of Preeti’s letter are echoing in my ears. But in two years, not only my heart, my very soul is completely consumed by her. To such an extent that I can’t seem to think of anyone else, except her. Surgery? Whatever it is, we’ll face it together. I’ve rung the bell and am now standing outside her house with a bouquet of red roses in my hand. Heart filled with love and aspirations for a beautiful future with her. The person who opens the door has bear-like black hair on her left cheek.
“Veer ?!?”
Thunderbolt struck me and my head nods itself going on autopilot. She extends her hand and says enthusiastically,
“Hi ! I’m Preeti.”

Shamim Merchant

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