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Person who learns from self experience is ordinary but who learns from other’s experience is extraordinary

by News Monks

According to my articles published every Sunday, my article published on 3rd December 2020 “Don’t we really have time?” In response, many friends and relatives gave nice feedback and said that it is very true actually there is no lack of time but lack of real understanding and right thinking, which causes a shortage of time. Among many such feedbacks, a friend said that even though there were servants in the house before Corona pandemic, we did not have time even as a house wife and got too much time during Corona crisis even without servant, feeling very comfortable with all the household work. Now I also want to start my routine life with some noble karma as a rule of life as you suggested in your article. I am glad to hear that if a little change in one’s life can come through my article, then the hard work and purpose of writing is said to be successful. “I always learn from my own example,” she said. Life teaches me a lot. That inspired me to write this article.

There are generally three types of people in society.
1) One who learns from self experience
2) One who learns from the other’s experience
3) One who never learn anything (from one’s own experience or others) and lives like a complete fool.

In my view, a third category person should not be called a human being, i.e. I think it is inappropriate and unreasonable to consider a third category person as a human being. My today’s discussion is about the first two categories of people. Most of the first category people in the world are much more (thus there is an abundance of third category people but we do not want to take them into consideration as it is nothing more than a waste of time) which I consider or identify as a normal person because they need many births or lives to learn something as the pace of life is usually very slow and if they only understand their own experiences to learn then they need endless, unlimited experience and stumbles.

Moreover, it is a matter of too much time to understand each experience, endure and get out of it as well as take lessons and thus it is possible for life to end. It is possible to learn a lot while learning from the experience or life of others can quickly achieve the ultimate purpose of life. Because it is impossible to experience and do everything with one’s own life but if we observe many people living around us, we can get many experiences in one life at the same time and also without pain because we never feel pain from others suffering. But our own stumbling blocks tend to be a little harder. Thus, by looking at people’s lives, by observing the experiences of others, or by observing nature accurately, the best lessons in life can be easily obtained without pain and at a fast pace. That is, millions of experiences in a single life (through the experience of friends-relatives-family-neighbors-colleagues etc.) can be obtained simultaneously which makes a person special and unusual. Thus learning from the experience of others is in my opinion a very excellent thing which makes an individual very special, different, unique, unusual and great personality.

We all have to take inspiration and practice to actually be unusual and extraordinary. For example, if we want to go to an unfamiliar place and we have no knowledge about it, we can easily reach the destination by pre-designed map which is actually called using the experience of others for one’s own attainment or success. Instead, if we insist on learning from our own experience, it may take longer to reach the destination, there may be a risk of getting lost along the way, there may be delays in terms of time as we have to endure many obstacles to pave or build a new road or there is a full possibility to endure the fate of wandering constantly. All of this applies to life as well. Every time a learner from his own experience stumbles in life, there may be a delay in gaining a sense of life, there may be a fear of getting lost due to lack of proper knowledge and there may be a lot of hard work to build a whole new path. It can also make a person feel tired and bored and he may leave the entire path is also possible or discovering new paths with suspicion every day and never reaching the destination is also possible. That is why in every age God incarnate, avatar or TIRTHANKARS have paved a simple and excellent path. Only walking on it with full faith can save time as the road is ready so that the speed becomes possible and easy, the risk of wandering is reduced and the achievement of the goal or destination can be achieved in less time without stumbling. With just a little faith and logical understanding (which does not lead to superstition, the risk of going astray is reduced) one has to walk happily on the path determined by others.

In the same way, a lot can be learned through observation of nature and identification of existence (which is actually a matter of following the experience of others). For that self-realization does not require lifelong stumbling. If human beings observe only with full awareness, they will get idea that those who have butter have knife always in their hands. Only such a careful observation can save you from buttering and stab-like pain. There is no need to suffer through our own experience. In short every time i don’t think there is any wisdom in testing poison. One has to accept that a person who drinks poison will die no sensibility in testing it. In short, learning from the experience of others is the best and most unusual in my view while the one who learns from his own experience is a man of ordinary caliber for whom it can be a little difficult, disruptive and painful to reach the summit.

While observing nature today morning, I noticed that the well-groomed basil plant in the garden did not grow as well in the full presence of water, manure, sunlight as the completely uncultivated plant in the space between the two bungalows. Seeing that, I learned that life requires only inner will and strong enthusiasm for growth. Development or enlightenment may not be possible even among the complete convenience. That is why Guru DATTATREYA made 24 gurus and gave invaluable lessons through which we can get idea that everything can be learned from the elements of nature around us and every part of existence can make a person unusual in this world. Moreover, in today’s modern age, no one needs the common man. The value is only of extraordinary. That is why extraordinary people become successful leaders, skilled scientists, excellent researchers, specialized doctors, ideal professors and excellent writers which changes the way of thinking and deeds of the whole world. So let’s take inspiration to be an extraordinary from the ordinary and make an honest effort in this direction. How long will we learn from our own experience and stumble and continue to suffer? I have heard many people saying that Corona taught us a lot. How long will have to endure the pain of corona to learn something? Or will we rely on such Corona every time to learn? How long can we expect pandemic like corona to learn? How long will we have to endure the painful period like the Corona to learn? And will we forget everything again? The time has come to realize that nothing can ever be learned through cemetery asceticism alone that is SMASHAN VAIRAGYA. How long will we continue to be bloodied by the stumbling blocks of our own experiences? Can’t we learn the life lessons without stumbling, without pain, just by experiencing the experience of others?

Shilpa Shah, Director in-charge, HKBBA College

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