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Many benefits, one Asana…. Let’s learn PawanMuktasana

by News Monks

Do you have constipation?
Do you want to expel unnecessary air from the body?
Do you want to lose unnecessary belly fat?
Do you want to improve your body appearance?

So here is the solution to all these problems, which is PawanMuktasana. Doing this asana gives you this all benefits.

How To Do ?

first you have to fall asleep on your back.
Then move your knee towards your chest and intertwine the fingers of both hands.
Try to touch the nose to knees.
In this asana you stay for 30 to 60 seconds.
This is how this asana is done.

Advice :

Be careful not to do this if you had abdominal surgery or if you have piles disease.

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