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Patience : A Beautiful Virtue

by News Monks

Before going to the office, Rajiv ordered for a new hard disc on an online shopping website. When he came back in the evening, he hollered for his wife and asked,
“Rajni, has my hard disc arrived?”
Rajni raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“Rajiv, you ordered it just this morning. It will take at least two to three days.”
Rajiv replied with irrigation,”Their warehouse is close by, it should have been delivered by now.”

What would you call this? Expecting instant gratification. 

Nidhi liked the book description on the back cover. But who was going to read 500 pages! It was too much for her. Instead she searched on Google and skimmed through its summary. She didn’t have the patience to enjoy the soft moments and details of the story. 

Aruna’s laptop was on. She was scanning the balance sheet before today’s presentation, while making breakfast for her husband, putting together a sandwich for her son’s tiffin and sipping her warm turned cold coffee, in between. All at the same time! It’s great to be multitasking, but sometimes in the process, we jump from one thought to the other and then feel frustrated if we are not able to achieve our targets or goof up and get confused. 

All the above anecdotes compel us to think in one direction. LACK OF PATIENCE. Of course the people and their situations are different and have varied reasons for the mindset they are in. Nonetheless, they all display restlessness and impatience.  

Let’s face it. When things don’t go our way or when we have unrealistic expectations, it leads to agitation and stress. Directly related to our health and happiness. So how do we cultivate this beautiful virtue called PATIENCE?

Here are a few tried and successful tips for practicing patience.

* Prioritise your time and do what is important. If things can wait and are not urgent, then make yourself wait before doing them. Learn to say no to things that cause stress and anxiety. 
* You need to put in a little effort to stay cool, calm and collected. Howbeit, this quality of yours will raise you above your peers and colleagues. Especially if you are in the field of education, customer care services or hospitality.
* You might get stuck in scenarios which are beyond your control and only demand patience from you. Like a traffic jam or standing in long queues. Under such circumstances, do something productive in the waiting period, so that the pause doesn’t get on your nerves and make you restless.
* Slow down. Don’t give in to your impulse and act right away. Consciously make an effort to choose. Out of the thousand thoughts racing in your mind, filter what practically needs your attention currently and what can be done at a later date without causing any harm.
* You know what’s the best part? Deep down we are all aware of what triggers our stress and what helps to soothe our insides.

We only have to acknowledge them and act upon what is good for us. Moreover, when you are being patient, you are actually doing a favor to yourself. You lay more importance to your peace and well being. Frankly speaking, after all, what is the mad rush for?

I love this quote and I think it’s apt for this article.

“Patience is not the ability to wait. But the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

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