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NAVARATRI – A Scientific festival

by News Monks

NAVARATRI is a scientific festival because very deep and scientific understanding is there in celebration of it. Perhaps something behind it we might know but we don’t have concrete scientific understanding behind it. If we understand real logic and science behind NAVARATRI celebration then we can take special advantage of it. Thus, every festival transmits physical and mental strength to a person, but NAVARATRI is more special in that sense.

Normally almost all festivals are celebrated during the day only NAVARATRI is celebrated at night because autumn is the season of severe viral disease as well as epidemic. It is believed that a person can stay healthy throughout the year if he can get through this season. This month is the time of twilight of winter and summer. Many pathogens and virus are usually formed during twilight. At such times, GARABA which boosts the immune system and act like nectar. It is very scientific to arrange activities like GARABA-RAS at night instead of during the heat of the day. Circumambulation is not just a form of dancing but is very helpful in expelling the accumulated phlegm as well as bile toxins in the body. We know that all the planets, including the Earth, revolve around the Sun and receive energy. The same logic applies to the action of GARABA. In the washing machine, dirty clothes rolled and thrown out the dirt in the same way body dirt (toxins) is thrown out by the GARABA.

We all know that every atom in the universe has a center around which electrons revolve. Whose power is immeasurable Electronics gazettes run on the power of these electrons. Think if inanimate electrons have so much power, how much is there in a living human being? And what cannot be achieved if that human being manifests power through GARABA with faith? Not only physical health but also mental and spiritual health can be achieved through GARABA. But do not forget that such GARABA cannot performed with artificial light, closed hall and stereophonic sound as it does more harm than good. In the coolness of the moonlight in the open air, without a loudspeaker only the beat of a drum or the beat of a classical tune should be played. In short, every human being has power. Thus, science has proved through research that rhythmic clapping as well as kicking of the feet (which has been done in GARABA) awakens the power centers in the body as the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet are the contact centers of every organ of the body. That is why it is especially used in the treatment of acupressure. An expert doctor in Japan claims that clapping with a stable and healthy mind every morning and evening keeps the body very fit and healthy. That is why our scriptures may have advised morning and evening KIRTAN.

In this heat-cold twilight, BILIARY disease is very obvious which GARABA has the power to destroy. That is why maybe 15 days before NAVARATRI we have an arrangement to eat KHEER in the name of SHRADH. Which is very scientific as KHEER is helpful in BILIARY disease. Numerous Western researches have shown that dance therapy is very beneficial in relieving mental stress. GARABA also speeds up blood circulation which prevents blood particles from clotting so that the chances of future heart attack are reduced. We know that doctors also advise diabetics to exercise.

The word ‘GARBO’ is derived from the word ‘GARBH’ in the same way that a child growing in the mother’s womb receives nourishment from the mother, a human being growing up in a cosmic vast womb is to receive nourishment from the mother of the world that is MA AMBE through GARABA.

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