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Love Beyond All Understanding

by News Monks

You are the light of this family
You are the sunshine of this dynasty
Oh little boy 
You bring joy and hope to your parents
Oh little angel
You fill their lives with prideful moments.
You bring them happiness, peace and calm
And today on your special day
We name you Shriram.

The decorated house resonated with songs and merriment. It was the naming ceremony of her first child. Nevertheless, the mother of the innocent newborn baby was not happy at all. Neither was there joy on Ramila’s face, nor was there love for the infant in her heart. She just sat in a corner suppressing her tears. In spite of all the celebrations and a house full of guests, she was feeling lonely and miserable. From across the room, husband Vishal’s eyes were laser focused on Ramila. Shame shuddered her insides and she lowered her eyes guiltily. Her heart constricted in her chest and the same nagging thought struck Ramila again,

“Now I don’t deserve your love Vishal. I’m not worthy of you. Not anymore.” 

Embarrassment and chills took turns running through her body, as she struggled for breath. The dreadful incident which transpired a year ago, flashed across her mind and Ramila quivered all over. The recurring nightmare haunted her all the time. Those unfamiliar, lustful eyes will never be forgotten. Even today, she felt as if a thousand bees were crawling up her skin and that dirty feeling just wouldn’t go. Vishal’s oath didn’t allow her to commit suicide either. This child, after seven years of marriage, did not belong to Vishal. The ugly dark secret of her rape was buried in the heart of husband and wife only and they wished to carry it to their grave. 

Ramila was lost in her sorrowful past and didn’t realize when Vishal came and sat next to her. Gently he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. In a tone just above a whisper, for her ears only, he said ever so lovingly,

“Rami, that incident was horrible, but it has passed away. Let bygones be bygones. You are mine and so is this child. The truth of life is our love and support for each other. Don’t think of anything more than this.”

As if a ton of bricks had been lifted from her soul. She exhaled a heavy sigh of relief. Smiles and tears worked in tandem as Ramila and her heart bowed before the generosity and selfless love of Vishal. She couldn’t hold back any longer and embraced her husband with all her love and gratitude.

Shamim Merchant

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