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Let us understand “what is real education” on auspicious teacher’s day

by News Monks

There are many similarities between animals and humans. Both live almost identically. Eats, drinks, builds houses, creates children, learns from imitation, and so on. He does as he receives training. But man is different from the power of thinking and decision making.

The contribution of education is important in enhancing such thinking and decision making as well as in teaching the right and wrong. The first and indispensable purpose of education should be to change the state of human beings. That is, make him a social animal (i.e. teach him to live in a group) from a ordinary animal, make him a human from a social animal (that is, learn to make good decisions), and finally make him a superior human being (ie, master of many virtues). Education is helpful in choosing a subject that suits one’s nature and earning a living and living a life of choice, which is another purpose.

In the past, business choices were made according to the racism (VARNVYAVSTHA. Right now there is freedom of business choice. In fact, living in our own nature means living according to one’s own choice is the real heaven. Education provides the individual with the ability to create their own paradise. The success and happiness of each person depends on his will, interest and ability. Every person has a certain nature and speciality he can do a lot of creative work if he gets the convenience or facility of working accordingly. But we do not really understand our desires, interests and skills and strive to be like everyone else, to earn as much as others, to get the things which others have, and so on.

Lotus can become a lotus not rose and how can we expect from lotus to become rose? Not possible. This is like wanting to receive cow milk from horse. A horse, no matter how smart, can never give milk like a cow. Maybe this is why our culture was racially discriminated, as Brahmin is a worshiper of SARASWATI who is interested in acquiring and sharing knowledge. Whose main religion is to keep society in the path of knowledge and ethics, KSHATRIYA who is a worshiper of energy or power, one who enjoys fighting against injustice, his religion is to protect society from all injustice. VAISHYA is a worshiper of LAKSHMI so that he has the highest potential of earning money. While SHUDRA has no specific direction but his main speciality is to help others, according to his ability and power, they are considered true karma-yogi.

The main religion of him is to mobilize the society by his service. In the present teaching we seem to have made two major mistakes: ignoring PARAVIDHYA (science of PARAMATMA) that led to the loss of the true value of life and the process of becoming an excellent human being. The task of changing the state of a human being can never be possible without understanding the basic principles of life (ie true knowledge or PARAVIDHYA). On the other hand, the present teaching of worshiping only LAKSHMIJI is also taught through SARASWATI, which is never possible. Discretion and understanding of its sensible use are more important than just earning money otherwise it would be like inviting destruction.

LAKSHMI’s welfare use that is right use of money would never have been possible without SARASWATI worship or the actual understanding of PARAVIDHYA. The main reason behind all the physical or mental diseases in today’s society is to try to be what we are not. In short, both LAKSHMI and SARASWATI have their own importance because LAKSHMI is a SHAKTI which gives momentum while SARASWATI (knowledge) gives insight, indicates direction. No society can win with just speed wandering without direction. It’s like giving a bird four wings instead of two without eyes. Education should be one that provides both wings and eyes.

Education should be one that can grow all three types of our bodies.

1) Physical body which is made up of five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and sky.

2) The subtle body which is made up of three elements – mind, intellect and ego. The microscopic body that exists inside the body is extremely important. The fitness of physical body depends on fitness of astral body or subtle body.

3) Reasoning Body which is made up of Sat, Chit and ANAND, which is the real form of the soul. Developed astral body means strong subtle body and strong subtle body means healthy physical body.

The true teaching or the true guru is a person who is useful in the development of all three bodies. In short, these above four things are true teachings-

1) which change the state of human beings

2) that makes worship of SARASWATI, not just the worship of LAKSHMI.

3) Explain not only APARAVIDHYA (not taught only about worldly desires), but also PARAVIDHYA.

4) Teach according to one’s wishes, interests and skills as this is the prerequisite for success and happiness.

– Shilpa Shah , Director in-charge, HKBBA College

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