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Once upon a time in a dessert area some groups of Rajasthani community started living. In that The 14 year boy Nihar, his parents and his younger sister Aastha also living. Nihar often goes with his father when he goes outside for the work. Nihar always stare at the hill. He thinks that wealthy families lives there. its not his fault every villagers thinks that only. They never went to that hill but they just have assumptions about that hill ,like fairy tale. 

Nihar always thinks that one day he will go there and make home and then his family will also live there. 
The truth was that there were no houses, not even humans. 
People generally do this. When they don’t know about anything they don’t find it they just make assumptions according to them and make stories then. 
Here comes illusion. It is an illusion which gives motivation to do more and sometimes its illusion which gives fake hope. You just need to decide what you want ?? At which destination you wants to go through illusion. 

There is very little line between illusion and reality, yet they are miles away from each other. 
Once a person said ‘when I was in hospital, its illusion which gave me hope that I am recovering, in fact I was not…but I lived that time and standing in front of you ..all because of illusion.
‘Well in case of Nihar, when he became mature, he went there and saw that there is nothing here. from childhood for what he was dreaming was just a illusion. But even then he did what he decided . He make his home there and lived happily. 
You will always have illusions. One thing you need to decide is your illusion is your motivation or fake hope !!!!! 

Foram Joshi 

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