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Ever wondered, before doing any work or before taking any step, if we knew the consequences, would we have done the same thing differently ?

Often we live through life in a haste or do a lot of things in excitement without realising it, the repercussions of which we sometimes know in our subconscious mind.
These small anecdotes should compel us to ponder and reflect back.

Hassan would have controlled his anger at that point of time, if only he’d known ….. that the first time he raised his hand on his younger brother, they would stop talking to each other for five years. 

Suresh would have allowed Sudha to speak at that time, if only he had known ….. that by not giving Sudha a chance to clarify, it would lead to their divorce.

If only he had known ….. that when Arjun was beaten with a belt for getting low marks, due to which he stammered all his life, then daddy would have explained to him with love and understanding rather than beating him up like an animal.

If only I had known ….. that those were the last days with my father, I would have spent more time with him and would have been extra loving and caring towards him.
If only…..

REGRET: a powerful obstacle that keeps a strong hold on our present and doesn’t allow us to live life to its maximum. Let’s loosen up a bit. Let’s shed a few “IF ONLYs” and learn to move on. It isn’t easy and somewhere you may still feel the pinch. But then what can you possibly do about bygones, other than live in the present and rectify certain things for a healthier future?

We all have values and morals which we standby. Recollect them, recognise them and allow them to take our lives in the right direction. Many times we deviate from our standards and walk a path we shouldn’t. That is the time we give birth to regrets.

Set your priorities straight. It’s when we fail to give due importance to people and tasks at the right time, is when we create problems for ourselves and for others around us. 
Relationships: what’s more important than our near and dear ones? Leave the old grudges and make amends with people who matter. Life is short. Take the first step, when time lapses, it really doesn’t matter whose mistake it was originally. 

The link given below is a true heart touching story to prove my point.

Let go of the past and forgive yourself. Holding yourself responsible and not letting go can prove to be the worst kind of obstacle. It keeps your old wounds alive. Remember skeletons look nice only in a grave and not on your shoulders. Rather pick up the moral of the story, learn from your mistakes and move on. 

Friends, life often gives a second chance and many a times it doesn’t. Listen to your subconscious mind. Be alert to your sixth sense, your inner voice. Live in the moment, such that you do not feel remorse later on. Live life to its maximum so that you aren’t left empty handed or a heart full of regrets. The smile that was on our lips yesterday should remain intact even today. 

Shamim Merchant (Shama)

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