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Happy Tyre Puncture

by News Monks

“Wow .. what a place to get a puncture! And now I don’t have a stephany also. Great!”
Naitik glanced around. There was nothing more than two to three houses. He had been driving for four hours and wanted to get home before sundown. But now ….. even his mobile battery had become zero.
“Who asked you to listen to songs all the way while driving?”

Scolding himself, he went towards a nearby bungalow and rang the bell. The door opened and standing before him was an incredibly beautiful girl. He was dazed for a few seconds.
“Ah …… hello. Sorry, I am Naitik Shah. I was travelling from Baroda to Surat and my tyre just got punctured. My mobile battery is also down. Can I please make a phone call?”
To confirm, the girl looked behind Naitik. When she was satisfied, she allowed him to come inside.

“Hello. I’m Neeyati. The phone is right there.”
“Thank you.”
Whilst Naitik made his call, Neeyati brought a glass of water for him. They spoke for a few minutes and then Naitik stood up.
“The mechanic will be here in some time. I’ll wait in the car. Thank you once again.”
Neeyati shook her head and refused.
“It’s very hot outside. You can sit here and wait. Charge your mobile too.”

Today, three years later …….

The result of the tyre puncture that destiny had done was smiling and cuddling in their lap.
Neeyati came from behind, embraced Naitik and said lovingly,
“Happy Anniversary!”
Turning around, Naitik took her in his arms again and bopped her nose.
“Sweetheart, say Happy tyre puncture.”

Shamim Merchant

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