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The vibrant colours of gulmohar,
Always leave me yearning for more.
They enhance the beauty of my garden,
At times I sew their flowers in a garland.

The orange creates a magical hue.
Spreading a velvety sheet just for you.
I’m forever awestruck by its cool shade.
It’s been my best friend through the decade.

I grew up listening to this lullaby. A poetry my mom especially wrote for me. The gulmohar tree in our yard and its cool shade is my favorite place in our house. My childhood was spent laughing and playing around it. We’ve actually matured together.

Even today, I read, write, sing, and talk to my friends while sitting under its shade on the soft spread of its orange petals. I can’t describe the feeling. It fills me with immense peace and happiness. Most part of the day I spent there. So much so that many of my household chores also I take it out and do them sitting under my dear gulmohar. And if someone asks,
“Where is Sagarika? She’s not to be seen.”
My mom would confidently reply,
“If she’s not in the house then you’ll find her under the gulmohar.”

Howbeit, now everything is soon going to change. My marriage has been fixed, it’s next month. Although there is a courtyard in my in-laws place, they only have a small Tulsi shrub in one corner.

After all the wedding ceremonies and rituals came to an end, at the time of departure, I hugged my mother and cried, but I embraced my gulmohar and wept just as much. Mom handed me a cane basket which had a small sapling in it. Putting her arms around me, she said very motherly,
“Sagarika, now plant a brand new gulmohar in your new home and accumulate new sweet memories with love.”
I flung my arms around mom, embracing her once again. My heart was dancing in my I spoke in a voice filled with emotions.
“Mom, this is the best present I’ve ever received. There can’t be a better gift than my dear gulmohar.”

Shamim Merchant

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