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Don’t we really have time?

by News Monks

Reading my articles and books on regular basis always raises a question in the minds of my relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. and many people are also curious to ask how i get so much time to read and write with job, household work and other social commitments. The purpose behind the question varies from person to person. A lot of people are jealous by nature. Writing very well, growing fans naturally becomes unbearable for people in the same field. Besides, in this age of negativity, it is bit natural to have such a negative thought that in such a busy schedule, SHILPA must have been writing herself? Or would someone else be writing and putting it in her own name? Many positive people may also be interested to know what kind of lifestyle she would have been so time is available. Or if we get some guidance from how SHILPA uses time, we can do time management like her. Also, when many people don’t know what to say, what to say about her books or articles, when they don’t have the sense to talk from time to time, a natural question is asked, how do you get time? Where is so much time? We just don’t have time. After all these years of experience, I can tell by looking at the questioner what is going on in his mind. What is the purpose behind this question and how much holiness and positivity is there in the person asking? But the purpose behind writing this article is not about the purpose of the person asking the question but a basic question that is about time. Where is time? How do you get time and why don’t people get time?

I want to write something special here because this is a burning question of everyone’s life. For which it seems necessary to shed special light on a few points:

1) Our own willingness is very much important to do any work. “Where there is a will there is a way”. Success in any field can be achieved only with willingness and firm determination. The inner desire to take the necessary time out of a very busy life is very important. It is my personal opinion that lack of willingness and lack of inner will lead to lack of time. There is plenty of time in life if you really have to do anything.
2) Another reason is about our own choice. We probably don’t know what we want and how to find real happiness. If we find out it, there is too much time in our life.
3) There is an urgent need to make a list of useless works. Because the useless work done by us is becoming more and more endless which leads to a lack of effective and result-oriented time. There is less time to move in the right direction.
4) Irregular lifestyle without deep understanding is also a very important factor for lack of time. Wake up late in the morning, unnecessary work at night, irresponsibility in doing the right things at the right time etc. makes life miserable and we feel shortage of time every day.
5) Furthermore, knowingly or unknowingly we continuously say our own self that there is no time- there is too much scarcity of time. And by this routine tendency we order our subconscious mind to remain busy ever. As a result we cannot get single movement free and relax.

Speaking of my own, I have been living permanently in the society in which I live since 2003-04. Where GIRIRAJDHAM temple is located from the beginning but till 2011 my attention never went to it. But perhaps due to the rise of meritorious (pious) deeds or the grace of God, when I decided to do DARSHAN in GIRIRAJDHAM temple from 2011, even in the midst of uninterrupted busy schedule, regular DARSHAN of God is taking place without any hindrance and there is no rush for it. Just as easily as DARSHAN and other good deeds like feeding birds, feeding ROTI to cows, feeding biscuits to dogs, feeding ants, reading at-least one hour a day, writing one article a week, publishing at least one book every year, etc. which I never did before 2011 but I was constantly busy before 2011. There was always a shortage of time despite doing nothing special. Today, even with many noble deeds, the convenience of time is available. The experience makes me want to tell everyone that we actually have more time than we need but maybe due to lack of understanding and lack of priority we are wasting precious time in unnecessary things like watching TV, spending time on WHATSAPP etc. I’ve seen a lot of people who are constantly crying about not having time and appearing online 24 hours a day. I don’t understand that a person who does not have time for his health, relationships, self-enlightenment, where does he get time to stay in the world of constant gossip and social media?

The art of stealing time is also a special art which is probably not possible for everyone that may lead to big complaints in the name of time in the society. First of all, we have to understand what should get in life and what should be give up. This automatically saves the time from useless direction or useless tasks and starts getting time for necessary things. That requires inner willingness and determination, because without it, how can anything be possible? Decide once that I want to spare time for a few good karmas in life. One should make it possible and spare time for self-welfare, devotion, social service etc. Just one good intention creates so many conveniences in life that you will be amazed. You will force to realized that why didn’t i start all this work early? Try it once I am telling you based on my own experience. It is my firm belief that you all will get complete success, convenience and easy life like me. Because God has given everyone tremendous mental power and that is the speciality of human vagina. Otherwise the human body is much weaker than that of animals and birds. In terms of body or senses, the senses of human beings (five senses) are not really as strong as the senses of animals and birds. But the Incredible human mind that drives our senses is so powerful that if used properly, the senses can be made extremely powerful. All that is needed is determination. Once a person gets up and makes up his mind to run, no one can stop him and victory must be achieved. In short we have a lot of time, we need only its proper management and management becomes efficient only when the significance of the important thing is understood in life as only through it the necessary thing can be given priority.

The first step is to make a list of all useless tasks. There is really no need to do that. But we have come to understand that the real joy is there only so that we cannot leave it. Such as watching TV, excessive use of social media, living a constantly lazy life, having the instinct of “HOTI HAE CHALTI HAI” in every work, etc., consume invaluable time waking up at any time, falling asleep at any time, deteriorating health through improper eating habits (hobby of junk food), laziness in every activity etc. In fact, irregularity makes a person much lazy and never understands the right direction. Time is the same for every human being (24 hours) but only a person who understands the above five points can managed it efficiently. Success also follows in the footsteps of those who are skilled in time management. Stop complaining and regretting by saying that I want to do many things but there is a shortage of time. It is needed to look at what you have. Thinking of what can happen automatically dissolves what can’t happen. So get up, wake up and stick to the goal. There is no actually lack of time but it is lack of proper understanding and thinking. If the thoughts changes, approach changes time will start becoming available.

Shilpa shah director in-charge HKBBA College

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