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Does evolutionary sequence of human-life indicates that the basic features of man are derived from the flora and fauna?

by News Monks

What is the evolutionary sequence of human-life? Where is the root of our today’s life? Do human beings have the characteristics of animals? To get answer many such questions one has to understand the scientific research on evolutionary sequence of life and the prevailing human life.

The scriptures and religions state that the human body has been achieved by hard work, struggle, virtue and good karma of human ages and that is why it is considered invaluable. Science has also acknowledged through a number of researches that a cellular organism named Amoeba first evolved and then went through a series of struggles to become today’s man. Theory of evolution given by Darwin is the proof of this fact and we all know it. The evolution (life development sequence) started from the flora (botanical world) to fauna (the animal kingdom) and then spread to humans. This evolution is just a journey to the less developed ordinary lower level inferior man. In fact, to come up from this less developed stage and get rid of from few animal traits (which still exist in every human being) ordinary man can become a great human being. MAHARSHI ARVIND and MATAJI state that it took about one million years for human beings to evolve from animals. But the superhuman from the ordinary human being can be ready in just a few centuries if he has a sincere desire for development and becomes aware. The question naturally arises in one’s mind after knowing the theological and scientific discoveries that our evolution has really done from flora and fauna? But in fact, if we look at our daily life, we will automatically get idea that we really have the characteristics of the flora & fauna (botanical world and animals) but we may not understand it. Let’s take a look at that.

1) Our attachment to many kinds of inertia and the habit of living a monotonous life which we have got from the flora (botanical world). If we observe our daily routine, it will be understood that we live like a machine continuously lifelong from morning to night. We do not do or cannot do anything different, special or new, just as plants we live. We are also very fond of inertia like flora means we like rigidity, we do not like change. We even don’t like person who wants to change us or try to change us. Such traits we have inherited from the botanical world or flora from which we have evolved into our present human form.

2) Our attachment to the earth, that is, our tendency to cling to our roots, also points in this direction. Just like when a plant or a tree is removed from its roots, it dries up, in the same way we also have a fascination with our home, our beloved, our area, our village, etc., is nothing but attachment to the root. Many people even find it difficult to move from one area to another. All this shows that we have the same characteristics of the flora. Excessive infatuation with worldly relationships, one’s own thing, me and mine, etc., shows the tendency to cling to one’s own roots that we have inherited through evolution.

3) We all know that the tendency to remain in safety is a feature of the animal kingdom. In general, animals tend to live in herds because it is safer to live in herds. In the same way, we prefer to live among our own people. It is a well-known fact that in human society, there are certain religions, certain areas of race which we have inherited from animal traits. We human beings always preferred to live in a comparatively safer place where all required things are available for life safety just like animals.

4) Like animals, we also have the basic urge to wander outside and plunder, that is, to rob others. Just as the animal kingdom or forest rules that the powerful always wins same in the human world there is a natural tendency to increase one’s wealth by depriving others. In the same way that an animal constantly wanders outside, human beings also search the happiness related to five senses and never want to look inward towards the self and remain unaware lifelong towards true self-realization or enlightenment.

5) The slavish mindset of blindly imitating customs and the power of the herds is also a gift from the animal kingdom that we have inherited. We all know that when one dog eats, all other comes together to eat. In the same way we have imitated all social customs without understanding for years. If one person spends money on marriage everyone imitates it. Everyone in the society gets married so we too do it. Everyone has children so we should too. All are busy in earning and collecting money so we do the same. This is what we have been doing for many ages in the name of ritual which we have inherited from the animal kingdom.

6) Its subjugation and submission to anger and fear – this is another important similarity that exists between animals and humans. Many kinds of fears afflict human beings, just as many kinds of fears afflict animals. In the same way that an animal starts barking at stranger or problem, man gets angry at every small adversity of life. Animals or humans have no control over fear and anger.

7) The need of punishment for reform or improvement in animals as well as in human. Punishment is just as necessary in the human world as it is in the animal kingdom. The two have similarities in this regard. Just as punishment is necessary to train every animal, punishment is necessary to improve or to teach life lessons to human beings. The expected result can be achieved in both through punishment.

8) Inability to think or act for ‘self’ or soul. Today’s so called developed and modern man is not enough capable to think about self or act for soul purification. That’s why RAMAN MAHARSHI considered today’s man as ignorant, less developed and low level inferior human who has to reach at ATIMANAS that is super-mind position and ADHIMANAS that is over-mind position.

9) Lack of true freedom that is lack of ability to free the soul from the evils of lust, anger, greed, ego etc. is also inherent. True freedom is not even available to humans like animals. That is, the lack of the ability to free the soul from the vices of lust, anger, greed, ego, etc., which is actually the nature of animal, that is found in today’s human beings. Supreme soul has given man the power to remove many vices and get divine power like supreme soul which animals do not have. But today’s man, being animalistic, has not been able to use his unlimited power ignorantly. Like an animal he lives a dependent life and is deprived of true freedom.

10) Humans have no faith in any kind of innovation or change same as animals. Just like an animal, he cannot instinctively accept change or innovation. He always first rejects and refuses to accept change or something new and even initially opposes with intensity that is actually the nature of the animal that we have inherited from them.

11) Heredity problems that is lack of ability to overcome the physical and mental merits and demerits of each generation. Heredity means that the ability to subdue the physical and mental strengh and weakness of every generation is the same as that of an animal in human beings. Our health, appearance, habits, diseases, etc. are inherited which we also have to accept and tolerate like animals. A lot can be changed if there is a will through penance through sincere efforts, but we live an animal life and ignore everything.

12) The delay in understanding and assimilating the truth through the intellect as well as the special inclination towards lowliness is in fact an animal instinct which is not yet gone from us.

Above all twelve points indicate the history of evolution or origin of human being really comes from the flora and fauna. That is why we have a special interest in such animal traits, lowliness and evils. Because all these animal traits have been ingrained in our original minds for ages and perhaps because of such animal heritage we find the journey to ascension or the journey to become a great human being difficult. For spiritual transformation i.e. to reach the highest level of consciousness or to attain Sat-CHITTA and ANANDA (that is ATIMANAS – super-mind position) one has to come up above the level of over mind that is ADHIMANAS i.e. the state of mind, PRANA and matter. Everything we do right now is subject to the impulses of the mind and the PRANA. We performed as a slave of mind means do everything as per intimation of mind never give any order to our mind. Honest effort to get rid of it is essential as a human being. For which the following three changes are inevitable.

1) All kinds of lust and desires have to be destroyed. At present our current life is in the captivity of desires. Such desires interfere in every movement of life, which only creates misery in life with its own ignorant and unstable efforts. Such painful desires should be dispelled and we should awaken the true powerful energetic man that is inside us who is calm, holy and full of strength.

2) One has to achieve restraint on the impulses of the mind and PRANA. The life we live now is largely drawn by the impulse of mind and life force and the mind is a servant of the impulse life force. Such a mind should be controlled and made it holy as well as positive.

3) The separatist ego in us should be eradicated. The present human life which works only for the satisfaction of the separatist ego therefore causes many sufferings. For example, if a drop in the ocean considers itself very powerful and separates itself from the ocean through separatist ego, its downfall is certain because his true happiness and power lies in being a part of the ocean. In the same way, human beings can become a part of the earthly existence of Almighty God and attain the power of God only by obeying Him. In short, for the attainment of ascension or aspiration from human to superhuman, it is necessary to abide by these three conditions.


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