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Diet discipline and solitude – the master key to health & happiness

by News Monks

Human beings are constantly engaged in the race of uninterrupted happiness for the rest of their lives and desire fitness. This race will come to an end if we get the master-key of complete health and real happiness. We are not aware of the factors responsible behind health and happiness or perhaps there is wrong, inaccurate and incomplete information, which causes us to work in a wrong direction so that nothing can achieve except remorse or regret. A person who wants happiness and health in life must pay attention to two very important things :
1) diet discipline 2) solitude means the desire or choice to live with “self”.

If these two things in life are cultivated, understood, put into practice, then life will be filled with health and happiness. But we are far away from diet discipline, even for normal activities like evening walk or morning walk, exercise in the gym or attending meditation camp, we need company everywhere. Actually exercising, walking, observing nature or practicing yoga-meditation is a system of living with the “self”. What a strange thing that we need or want a company where solitude is required. Also, I do not understand that in the effort of spending time with the “self” that is solitary choice really needs support or push of others? Expecting the support of others is nothing but a push or help towards the goal in my view which in no way seems right to me.

Actually health means the strengthening of body, mind and soul. Health is not only associated with the physical body it has depth to the mind and soul. Moreover among these three elements body, mind and soul the most powerful element is the soul. Through which attainment of a healthy mind becomes possible and through a healthy, powerful and positive mind complete physical health becomes possible. The person who wants complete health must pay attention to the soul i.e. understand the “self”, spend time with the “self”, enjoy the “self”, choose the self. Understanding or choosing oneself means choosing solitude or loneliness while we try to remain with others instead of self for the rest of our lives. Solitude or loneliness actually scares people but solitude is the amulet cure for holistic health and complete happiness. Solitude means, as the name implies, “the end of all in one.” Even so, it is well known that we have all come and gone alone. No one was with us when we came and no one will with us when we left. This means that solitude is an eternal natural law and no one can be happy or healthy against the law of nature. In fact, a closer look at life reveals that all the problems and sorrows that arise in life are the result of moving away from oneself or, say, of moving closer to others. In the name of relationships, whoever you approach (whether it is a friend, a neighbor, a relative or a colleague) becomes an obstacle for your happiness, joy and pleasure somehow. This means that being away from oneself or soul always increases the difficulties and problems in life. According to a scientific research, approaching a person who has negative feelings about you can cause of destroying 1500 WBCs in our body which is an important factor in determining our immune system and health. Often the uncomfortable feeling we get from being close to a person is actually the result of such a chemical process taking place in the body. While living with the “self”, such a risk is negligible as the person is always very positive and loving for himself. Everyone loves himself the most. The “self” can never harm us in any way.
If you do not like loneliness, you can choose the proximity of special elements of nature such as trees with full of flowers and fruits, chirping birds, starry sky, sun-moon, river, mountains, ocean etc. For all these elements of nature are filled with absolute positivity which also communicates positivity in us. Living among such natural elements in the lap of nature develops the inner mind. Alpha state is achieved which is a special state of mind and inner happiness. The goal is to achieve such an alpha state through meditation and yoga also. I think maybe God is teaching us the same thing in the Corona pandemic because the Corona period is a period of solitude. In which only the “self” is advised to be with. But unfortunately the biggest adversity and trouble we have in living with the “self”. Corona patients are constantly seen expressing a desire to go home, to meet relatives, to go back among people and in many cases die between such desires which are in no way desirable. In fact, if the child is taught self-power and self-importance from the very beginning, the person can find a solution to the problem only by himself and by staying with the self, even in difficult situations. But we have not understood the power or energy of the “self”, so our happiness or joy depends on others. We spend our whole lives in despair and frustration with the expectation that someone will love us, understand us, act according to our wishes, etc. and leave this world in the same situation. But do not understand that true happiness is with the “self”. Moreover, the body (self) has a healing power of its own, which is not comparable with any other healing methods developed by the man. Thus, natural healing therapy also shows the importance of the self, that is why the self or the soul is called element of God.
In short, living with the self is the choice of solitude. The words loneliness and solitude seem alike are actually very different. There is restlessness in loneliness while there is rest in solitude, there is panic in loneliness while there is peace in solitude. We feel lonely as long as our race is on the outside. Loneliness can be a punishment but solitude is actually a wonderful gift from God that gives a person the opportunity to be with the self. Happiness is the only joy in life for a person who understands himself, wishes to get oneself, choose soul or self because the journey of life is actually a system of turning from loneliness to solitude. In this entire journey of soul we are the way, we are the traveler and we are the destination means soul is the path as well as traveler and destination. If this eternal truth is understood then the joy that is achieved with the self is indescribable. The joy that comes to the writer in writing, the singer in singing, the dancer in dance, the reader in reading, and the athlete in play is actually an example of self-choice or solitude but it is a matter of experience not of discussion.
Only one who is SATTAVIC by body and mind can be happy with the “self” and the journey of SATTAVICISM begins with diet discipline. There are five main things to consider under diet discipline.

1) What to eat? 2) How much to eat? 3) When to eat? 4) How to eat? And 5) what not to eat?

For those who have the answers to these five questions, perfect health is possible, such as what to eat. The answer is nutritional and hygienic food, how much to eat answer is to eat less than hunger because “excess in everything is poison” is essential to understand in life. At a time (according to age) one should eat as much as the body can digest. According to AYURVEDA, total appetite should be divided into four parts, 50% from food, 25% from water (lentils, buttermilk, juice, etc.) and 25% from air (oxygen). This ratio simplifies digestion. In short one should eat less than hunger a little space should also be reserved for air. Many people consume useless things like chips while watching movies just for fun or to get rid of boredom which is dangerous. In addition, if there is no hunger, the food should be sacrifice. Eating without appetite is extremely dangerous because it increases the amount of toxin in the body, which destroys the happiness of life. It is essential to understand that fasting is very important. Research shows that fasting slows aging. This is because during fasting the body flushes out waste and toxins. The American Institute of Aging has proven that fasting is a form of exercise that slows down the body’s metabolism, saving energy which is very useful in eliminating diseases. Fasting boosts the immune system. (But fasting should be in limit, fasting twice a month is advisable. Maybe that is why EKADASHI is practiced in Hinduism.) It is also necessary to understand that not only by eating energy increases but sometime by fasting also energy rises at multiple times. Then the question is when to eat, it is important to understand when to eat in order to live an excellent and healthy life. We all know that the whole life is governed by the mind and the mind by the food. So it is important to understand certain things related to food and answer of this question is that never eat after sunset as digestion is directly related to sun energy. A large portion (80%) of the total twenty-four hour diet should be taken before three o’clock in the afternoon. Then let us come to the last answer how to eat, answer is never eat in a hurry, unrest or while running or walking.

It is best to eat very quietly with the help of the five senses. (I.e. touching with the hand (meaning never eating with a knife and spoon because the palms of the hands have incredible power) sniffing through the nose, seeing with the eyes, etc.) Moreover chewing a bite thirty-two times according to AYURVEDA is advisable because doing so mixes saliva in it which helps in digestion, eating while remembering God with gratitude is too good for holistic health. Turn off the TV, computer, mobile, etc. as such devices activate the brain and the brain feels burdened and tortured so that the blood supply goes to the brain instead of the stomach and many digestive problems arise which invites many diseases. Cooking with an excellent and holy idea, maintaining purity in cooking, using certain types of utensils for cooking such as earthenware utensils are the best in which 98% nutrients are retained and lastly what not to eat? So the answer is never to eat food item which does not suit your nature (i.e. bile, gas and cough) as many allergy issues arise from there. Also, never eat junk food. Never take distorted diet such as sour fruits with milk, onion with milk, yogurt with radish is dangerous. In the same way, abstaining from carnivores, because of the anatomy of human beings, it will be scientifically understood that eating carnivores is not suitable for human beings. (Friends who want to know about these five questions in detail and much more about health must read my book “આરોગ્ય અને આયુષ્ય” which is available on Amazon and also available in the market as it is not possible to write in detail in the article)

In short, a proper understanding of life emerges through diet discipline, the mind becomes positive and powerful, through which the desire and choice to be with the self increases. Journey towards solitude starts which makes the life very pleasant and enjoyable because solitude is the end of all suffering normally problems arise due to keeping away yourself from soul. Thus holistic health and complete well-being, happiness is guaranteed through diet discipline and solitude. In my view, eating sensibly and living in solitude is the panacea for every problem. Diet discipline and solitude are indispensable for fitness and complete happiness.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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