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My wife Sneha is extremely systematic and organized. A cleanliness freak of the highest order. In a way, all of us in the house are very happy with her habit of keeping everything spic and span. But having said that, many times if we don’t keep things in their proper manner, then God help us. 

She would feel restless for minutest aspects which we may not even think of. Like if the cushion on the couch is not kept in a perfect rhombus position, we’d find her clenching her fists. Moreover, by chance if some work remains unfinished before retiring to bed, then I know for sure she’s gonna have a sleepless night of only tossing and turning. 
Oh God! Sneha and her cleanliness. Hoof! Believe me, I’m not exaggerating. See what happened the other day. 

One of Sneha’s distant relatives, Aunt Mina, was coming over for lunch with her entire family. You think Sneha would have kept any stone unturned? The aroma of mouth watering delicacies had enveloped the air all around and the house was spotlessly clean. Not only that, bedspreads in the bedrooms were also brand new. 

We greeted everyone with a warm welcome. Lunch and the chit chat that followed was filled with laughter and it was a deeply satisfying atmosphere. “Ramakant, I must click pictures of your house and take them with me. The interior is stunning and the tidiness is breathtaking.””All credit goes to Sneha. It’s her relentless effort.”When I glanced at Sneha, I thought she would be pleased with all the compliments. But no! Her features were contorted in tension and worry lines were on her forehead. She could not take her eyes off from the bed. Her uncle was sleeping there. I could see she was grumbling and growling inwardly. But why?

As soon as everyone departed in the evening, Sneha first scurried to the bedroom, peeled off the bedspread from the bed and dumped it in the laundry basket. I was bewildered.”Sneha, it was a new bedspread and you had put it up only today.””Yes, but now we can’t sit or sleep on it.””Why?”

“My uncle was sleeping on it.”Her reply baffled me further.
“So what?”
She squealed in agitation.”Didn’t you see? He was up on the bed with his dirty, smelly socks! The whole place is stinking because of that.”
I slapped my forehead.Oh God! Sneha and her cleanliness. Hoof!

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