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Celebrating International Women’s Day is a reminder to the world of gender equality

by News Monks

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day which aims to celebrate social, economic, cultural or political achievement of woman and spread awareness about women’s development or woman’s empowerment in the society by eliminating gender inequality and female exploitation. The establishment of gender parity is the ultimate goal behind this day celebration. When we talk about equality and justice or arrange any seminars for such discussions, it naturally means we accept the fact that there is an empire of inequality and injustice in the society. In an empire of complete equality, efforts, awareness or seminars for such discussion does not require. In that sense, today’s so-called modern society acknowledges that injustice has been done to women for years. It has been exploited in all ways (physical, mental, financial emotional). Actually gender parity should be natural that is effortless and to do special efforts in this regard is to be considered as a sad thing but we are doing it since long.

According to the World Economic Forum, gender equality has not been achieved for centuries. The incidence of domestic violence, exploitation, rape, etc. is increasing day by day. Looking at the history of International Women’s Day, it seems that IWD first came into existence in 1911 with the first gathering, which had four main objectives:
1) to celebrate women’s achievement,
2) gender equality,
3) rapid women’s empowerment,
4) raise funds for women’s charities.
The IWD symbolically represents three colors (purple, green, and white). In which purple symbolizes justice pride or honor, green symbolizes hope and white symbolizes holiness. Symbolically it is shown that injustice is done to women, their due respect is not maintained in the society so the purple color is symbolically appealed to try it and hopefully success will be achieved.

“Women’s Day” means a day dedicated to female, meaning only one day out of 365 days is for women, that is, only one day respect for women. It may be necessary to honor her one day a year to exploit her 364 days a year. A society that only talks about equality pursues inequality following double standard and tries to convey the message through women’s day that men and women are equal. Even according to the laws of nature, it is essential for the balance of the environment or society to consider every life equal. In every society there is a conflict between two people, two classes, two religions, two sects, two generations, two countries and the root cause is inequality. Thus, equality means looking at the differences between two different people in the same light. We are not considering the poor and the rich, the big and the small, the educated and the uneducated, the intelligent and the foolish, the wise and the ignorant, the good and the bad, all in the same way from where inequality and conflict arise. Moreover, long-suffering, exploited people usually come together and make a revolution. The same thing is happening in men and women. For ages, women have been exploited, injustice has been done, their dignity has been lost, so now they get united under the banner of feminism and avenge the injustice. The same is being applied in the case of schedule caste. I think everyone needs to understand that injustice and inequality with others is not right for their own honor or justice. Equality is a natural balance, an innate rhythm that cannot be achieved by pulling or struggling. Equality is instinctive with the loving acceptance of others. Today, on the occasion of “Women’s Day”, if we understand the natural law of equality, respect and justice, I think the celebration is meaningful.

An animal called a human celebrates so many “days” in life that sometimes it seems that his whole life is a celebration. Yet he is seen as constantly miserable. The reason behind it is probably that he does everything without understanding. Just like a machine as a mechanical action sometimes “willingly” and sometimes reluctantly. There is a deep scientific and spiritual understanding behind many Hindu festivals which is the driving force for the upliftment of the soul as well as the formation of the healthy mind while the festivals or days celebrated in Western culture seem to be a system of instilling the element of equality, affection and justice in relationships or environment in life. Eastern culture does not have arrangements for celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Women’s Day, Environment Day Laughter Day because it is probably not acceptable in Eastern culture to pay attention only one day a year to preserve or make a relationship successful because we consider the warmth of a relationship to be an integral part of life. It’s not our culture to take care of maintaining relationships just one day a year. But now we are also celebrating foreign days with many of our festivals as we are completely dyed with foreign colors. Remembering relationships only once a year and pretending to be good only once a year.

March eight is Women’s Day, the day when the whole human race (community) will talk about women in a high-pitched, emotional way, giving a little verbal importance, and soon the drama from the next day will become so emotionless, unjust and violent. I firmly believe that there is a complete lack of equality between men and women, whether they are Eastern or Western, Indigenous or foreign, traditional or modern. perhaps No one agrees with me and thinks that times have changed and women are being given too much leeway and freedom. But as an intelligent person, one has to think that if equality speeches are given in the society, discussions or seminars are held, it means that there is inequality in the society. Every discussion of equality actually shows that there is inequality. E.g. Why is the government currently focusing a “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO” (that is save daughter and educate female) campaign? because the inequality of son and daughter prevails. If there is no inequality then there is no need for such a campaign. If vegetable ghee is sold in the market under the name of DALDA, then pure ghee needs to be sold by saying that it is pure. But if impure ghee is not sold or no one knows anything about impurity, then the seller of ghee does not need to use the word pure. As a teacher, I feel insulted when a teacher is called a true teacher or a good teacher, but in a society of corrupt teachers, when a teacher is seen as good or true, it is natural to be called a true teacher or a good teacher. Otherwise the teacher must always be good and right is something that has been accepted by the society for ages. In the same way, the celebration of women’s day means that something inappropriate is happening to women in the society, which has created a need for celebration to create awareness.

In fact, equality, respect and justice are the basic principles of human life. When this principle is reconciled with the fact that it is put at stake in the race to become practical, an endless conflict arises in society. Which is also natural because what happens if the two wheels of the cart do not run the same? What happens if the two pillars of the temple are not fixed at the same distance? What happens to the world if the movements of the planets and constellations do not remain the same? What happens to human society if there is no equality in the seasons that is no regularity in season? In short equality is a rhythm, is an eternal principle is inevitable. But equality should be natural. Don’t try to be equal trying only means that it is not instinctive. For years we have been trying to destroy all forms of equality and then after painful conflicts we are trying to improve the situation or achieve equality (equilibrium), which is in no way appropriate. Over the years we have consciously destroyed women, eliminated daughters and now launched the Save Betty campaign. Women have been deprived of their right to education for ages and now we are talking about female education. How long will we live such a hypocritical life? Many other such things like environment, health etc. we consciously unbalance and then try to achieve balance or equilibrium. First we eliminate equality and then we try to achieve equality. Is it appropriate?

There is nothing wrong with celebrating “Women’s Day” to re-establish the standards of gender equality, but it must be done with a sincere heart and a sincere understanding, that is all I can say today. Equality, honor, justice is the divine property, the basic characteristic of God’s nature it is our moral duty to keep it as it is. Both PURUSH and PRAKRITI have their own place both man and woman has their own place of importance. Without one the existence of the other is not possible. Can you say male or female who is more important for the creation of a child? One of the two wheels of the cart be removed and the other can be expect to run at high speed, is it possible? The male and female are the essential significant wheels of the worldly cart and by eliminating one wheel don’t you think the other will be overloaded. I think it is inevitable for every male to understand this.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA college

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